January 23, 2019

When I was 12 years old I rode my purple and pink sports bike three miles to the corner grocery store, which was and still is a Winn-Dixie, to get my mom flowers for Mother’s Day. And then the next year I did it again. And again. And again. I loved how she lit up and appreciated so much this gesture. Her eyes would get really big and her smile would stretch from ear to ear.

I am special

I am loved

I am valued

I am appreciated

I am worthy

I am making a difference

I am important

I am beautiful

I am treasured

We’re all immediately written all over her face at once.

And then!

One day.

I received my own flower delivery. And I suddenly, in a snap understood why she lit up the way she did!

For me there is just something about making someone else feel their best. As weird as it sounds, making her feel her best and showing her, her greatness in turn actually made me feel THE best ever!!!

Before Treasures & Trails i worked as a commercial banker, in a shark tank. Not really but sometimes it felt like that. And I saw this sense of sadness on my face and on the face of other ladies.

In that moment I had a vision of these ladies receiving something that would instantly make them light up like my mom.

And while it was unrealistic for me to do that with a bunch of co-workers, when I launched the blog I knew this platform would one day allow for this!

And here we are.

Two years later. Researched and discovered a brand who would help make this dream a reality and SPOIL seven lucky ladies with their own delivery!

And Goodsey is the such a unique brand with limitless and timeless gift options! They have ideas for everyone!

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