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January 21, 2019

Pardon the strong language included in this post, but I wanted to be real with y’all. While I want to get angry, and I am beyond angry, I’m disgusted, disappointed and sick to my stomach, but being hateful back, I will only become the problem.

We must meet the hateful acts with love but stop them from happening within the home, starting with ourselves.

Can someone please help me understand when the breakdown in society happened? Since when did becoming mean and hateful become so popular? When did this become acceptable and ok?

My husband showed me the video of the Catholic school students mocking and belittling the elderly Native American man on Sunday morning and it moved me to tears and physical sickness. I know it’s not the just this. It’s the shootings. It’s the bullying. It’s the gossiping. It’s the cliques.

I love our country. The United States of America is the best in the world. People are literally dying and risking their lives to come live here. Safety, security, opportunity, freedom, education. We are beyond fortunate. And some of us, ignorant. Because it’s not like this all over the world. We can see this by simply turning on the news. Look at Syria and Turkey. Refugees running for their lives. Right next door, Central America. Corrupted governments taking from their own people.

By the grace of God that could be us! Do we not understand that? Are we not teaching that? It is a complete privilege and blessing to live here, be born here, go to school here.

America is a great country but we have an increasingly growing HATE issue.

I understand this is a delicate topic. And I’m not going to get political. This is beyond that. This is a humanity issue that requires us to all come together on. All racial classes, all social classes, all religions, all political views.

We must model love and forgiveness. We must model kindness and understanding. We must respect one another’s differences and live united.

We must be this towards ourself. And towards one another. Including and especially, our spouse.

This pride of thinking one color, one religion, one person, is better than the other. We are ALL equal. And for those who would argue or become defensive with my statement, may I kindly suggest you may be part of this global epidemic of pure hate.

Red, Yellow, Black, and White, we are ALL precious in His sight.

I just cannot even fathom our selfless Creator looking down at his creations hating one another, slandering, gossiping, and being so biased towards the other.

Every single person living and passed on has something they can teach us and a way they can make us better.

This idea of being right, knowing it all, being mean, hateful, must must must end.

And. I believe, it all starts in the home.

We have to own this as American citizens. We the people. Who want best for the kids and grandkids.

We have to own that the global epidemic of hate is our problem, our responsibility.

For me, the conscious efforts needs to continue with my hubby. Then start in traffic. And the check out lines. And especially with my neighbors barking dog who starts at 7am, even on Saturdays.

Getting off my soap box.

Let’s be kind. We are all fighting our own battles most people know nothing about.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive our hate. Only love can do that.

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