36 things I love about Luis!

March 12, 2019

Fastest blog post in history!

Of course it took me no time at all, literally five minutes to come up with this list. There’s thousands of things I love about my husband. But because we’re celebrating 3-6! I’ve prepared 36 things that I really love about him!

  1. He’s super fine
  1. He understands my weird ways …
  1. And loves me anyways
  1. He catches the bugs
  2. He challenges me
  3. He doesn’t give up
  4. He’s unbelievably smart
  5. He believes in love
  6. He bounces back pretty quickly
  7. He’s an amazing dad to Larry
  8. He puts God first in our marriage and life
  9. He brings me security
  10. He is the best forgiver on the planet
  11. He is brave
  12. He leads by example
  13. He loves me for me but helps me become a better woman
  14. He provides
  15. He helps around the house
  16. He takes good care of himself
  17. He likes to worship with me
  18. He’s a good dancer
  19. He likes to travel
  20. He protects me
  21. He is so good at anything he does
  22. He helps me SO much, in business in life in everything – Treasures & Trails would not be what it is today with him.
  23. He makes me laugh. So much
  24. He has taught me not to take life too seriously and to have a little fun
  25. He has great taste and style
  26. He is selfless
  27. He is creative
  28. He rights his wrongs (even though he’s not wrong that often 😉)
  29. He is honest
  30. He fights for what’s right
  31. He is resilient
  32. He’s my best friend
  33. He loves me.

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