December 17, 2018

I am actually glad this came up because as weird as it can be talking about Business things, the reality is this is what makes Treasures & Trails possible.

The fancy term for what I do is Digital Influencer, or some may call themselves a Content Creator. Two years ago when hubby and I were playing around with photos, I had NO idea, literally no idea what went in to this profession. Like no idea. Because influence marketing is very new. And as an Influencer, whether travel, style, fitness, whatever the niche is, the Influencer is running that show. From editorial calendars, to preparing for shoots, following up with Brands on collabs, preparing pics for posting, including editing, layout, etc. There is so much that goes in to it.

The awesome things you see most likely did not just happen; thought, patience, and a ton of effort typically went in to it.

To get simply a good photo you have to take in to account timing, lighting, is the photographer available, prepare yourself and your product for shooting, get there, get the shot, edit the photos, prepare the post, get the tags, the list goes on and on.

To do it well, a lot of time has to be spent on the back end.

But I applied through RewardStyle which is a platform to join Brands with Influencers and also monetize products and I was accepted within a couple of days.

Please see this link for applying to RewardStyle.


Besides under estimating the time and effort that went in to this profession, I think one other thing I was oblivious to was the fact that I would be so public so often. If youre going to succeed, you need an audience who trusts you, knows you, and believes in you.

So how do you make that happen? Being involved. Putting yourself out there. Sharing the good, bad and ugly. I’ve seen those influencers who are on point 24/7 – GOOD FOR THEM!! It takes a lot of time. And besides social media, I have a husband, a dog, a family, a home, self-care, I have other responsibilities that must receive my time and attention, too. So if you see me with no make up, no extensions and a bun, that’s why. I have been giving time to other areas, which is also critical for the health of Treasures & Trails.

Do not get me wrong. I love what I do! And I am truly grateful for this opportunity. It has taught me so much and helped me help so many people.

I hope that makes sense!!

Answering some of your questions below:

“How many hours a week do you work?” 50-60

It’s hard to say. Because I am working even when I am not “working.” But I would estimate 55 a week.

“How do you make money?” I hate talking money. I do what I do because I love sharing my recent finds, great deals, cool ideas with you. But after all, it is a business. To  keep this thing going, I make a small commission off each purchase yall make through my links. Advertising. & Collaborations.

“What’s your favorite part about what you do?”

Finding yall deals. Getting you coupon codes for your purchases but my FAV is giveaways.

Every time we do one I am thinking about when we will do the next.

“Is blogging your full time job?”

Yes! I left my corporate job in April to go full time with my blog.

How can I make sure you get credit?

“I am linked in two places. RewardStyle and Amazon. In rewardStyle my sales are linked to the cookies. So if you want me to get purchase for something you’re buying it needs to be tracked through the cookies. If you see something I post but go outside my blog or the app i won’t get credit. If you go through the app or any retailers link on my blog it will track to me. Per your request I recently made a where I shop page that has 15 different retailers. Before you shop if you come click there my link on your retailer it will track.

“Do companies come to you or do you usually have to approach them when you were building up a following?”

Both. There are Brands that don’t fit my aesthetic and really may not be an interest to yall or I just do not believe with all my heart in it, so I will decline the opportunity. There are Brands that I LOVE and believe so much in and want yall to reap the benefits. If I have not yet worked with them or heard from them, I may reach out to see what is available.

“Do you get paid for most of your sponsorships?”

If I am in an agreement for a paid partnership, I will have this listed somewhere in the post. The FTC is cracking down on making sure sponsored posts are labeled accordingly and rightfully so.

Thank y’all for being interested in what goes on here and how you can help me. I always get messages about how you’ve purchased or styled something you’ve been inspired by at Treasures & Trails and for me that is just the best.

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  • Kristen T’Servranckx December 17, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    Tiffany, you are an inspiration! I truly appreciate that you have taken the time to respond and interact with me amongst all of your other followers. Best wishes to you and your continued success and thank you for sharing your trade secrets!

    • admin February 2, 2019 at 3:22 am

      That is super sweet! Thanks for noticing!

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