10 Best Spring Lipsticks 2019

April 30, 2019

Hi friends! Welcome to another Tuesday’s Top 10.

Here you will find 10 Best Spring Lipsticks 2019

At the end of reading this post you will find new colors and new brands to help with your lipstick decisions for Spring, and any season. You’ll also learn some tips and tricks for whiter teeth, longer lasting lipstick, and see my recommendations on natural lip plumpers and other lip treatments.

Thank y’all so much for your feedback on requesting this post. It was one of the more interesting posts to shoot and definitely some interesting findings… so make sure to read the post!

Also, at the end I am linking accessories and other make up items.

Keep those lips pretty babes!

treasures and trails

First thing first, I want to share with you a few tips that I have been loving.


lip secrets for more plump, prettier looks, use concealer and use a highlighter,

  1. Brighter colors always make your teeth appear whiter. So keep that in mind for photos, dates, anything other than that casual look.
  2. Use a concealer prior to lip color for more neutral colors to make the color more accurate. Or for any color to make them stay on longer.
  3. Use a highlighter (this is my most favorite ever) in the center of your lips and a small dab to the little dip at the top of your lip. This will give them a more full, plump look. You will notice right away and be addicted to this new technique. You can do this with any color. I have tried with powder but there is nothing better than this creme highlighter. It makes it look so pretty. I have this product also in a blush (actually a “lip to blush”) and these products have lasted me forever. I purchased them probably two years ago and use them almost daily. Literally two products I could not recommend more.

Because of the product you do not need much. It lasts all day and the product itself lasts a long time. This is always something to keep in mind. Y’all know I am all about a deal and affordable shopping. But, if I know I am going to use a product and not have to end up buying something else because I don’t like what I originally bought, and if the product is going to last me longer sometimes (like in this case) it is actually cheaper and I am better off.


Y’all know I am going to be real with you. Prior to shooting this blog post for you, my number ONE brand was believe it or not, Wet n’ Wild. Or maybe REVLON. They are both really good. But, after shooting them and comparing them back to back verses on an everyday basis, my findings have changed. You know I love affordable, well, anything. And for $3, you can get tons of colors with Wet n’ Wild, combine them, change them up, throw them out if you don’t like them. But seriously, THIS ONE brand took the cake for me.

WHY this Lipstick?

First of all my husband notices things. This isn’t my number one choice because of him, but his opinion does make a difference. His attention to detail and perfection is high, very high. This particular brand I am referencing we tried was hydrating and has a beautiful floral, fruity smell! It is not overwhelming and is actually very refreshing. And he immediately said, “wow, what kind is that?” I noticed a more smooth, creamy color (not thick at all) and an overall better feel and plumpness. Also, the wear lasts for hours upon hours AND to top the cake…. it has an SPF. My husband noticed that the lipstick was prettier and looked like it was a better quality.

So, let’s put some sense to that.

While it is a little more expensive, what we uncovered was it is one I will wear consistently (not get sick of after a few years and need to buy another one). And also I feel absolutely beautiful in it and while applying it.

It comes in about 30 colors. I have No 45 “Rogue Tuxedo”and I am going to be purchasing one more to have two color options. I am looking at No 48 Dusty Plum, its so pretty for spring.


1. YSL Lip

1 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, girl showing the best rated spring lipstick ysl brand

It is amazing. For so many reasons. Not only is it one of the highest reviewed lipsticks (0ver 4,000 4.5 stars), it feels, smells and looks THE BEST. This color applies so beautifully! If you read the reviews on this lipstick you will see the majority say they never tried it because of the price but once they were introduced they understood the why behind the price. And I am the same way. I actually picked this up from the Festival and I am so happy that I did. It’s absolutely stunning, not to mention the gorgeous gold applicator. And I already mentioned the SPF is such a huge factor. Protect your lips while you look fabulous.

Color: Rouge Tuxedo NO 45

Side note to Spring Lipsticks ……

While I love sharing my experiences with you, I want to make it a point that I do not know your budget or what your splurges are or can be. But I do believe that information is important for you to know. My purpose is to be a resource for you and make recommendations based on my findings. So please know I am never saying you have to purchase something, but that I am making my honest opinion based on my personal experience. And if I think something is wroth an investment because it will save money in the long run or actually work (be worn) I think it is important as a resource for you that I highlight those details.

For those of you looking for a dupe option, I have not tried it so I cannot share the details, but I read about a Loreal Color Riche that you can purchase for $8 here



2. Buxom Lip

2 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, girl showing a red color option color for spring lips

SECOND FAVORITE! Why? The lip plumper and the colors. This color is Barcelona and is more of a nighttime color and the Brand is so good. After a couple seconds of application you will feel a very small tingle (no pain at all) and your lips will actually appear more plump. I have worn this brand for over six years. Monte Carlo is a GORGEOUS color I used to wear for spring and summer and had so many compliments on it.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

3 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, snow pink, girl showing lip gloss option for spring lips

This is great to wear by itself or even to wear over another color. I love that it is non sticky lipgloss with a moisturizing shine and a pop of sheer color. It is really beautiful with the hint of sparkles in it. Also, it’s cheaper at the link than in the drug store…. by almost HALF.

Snow Pink but all the colors are really pretty

4. Loreal Paris Colour Riche 

4 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, girl showing spring lipstick color options this one is a pink

This is a really fun pink for Spring! It is a true pink and the Brand is decent for the price. It has several color options available, over 20. There are over 2500 reviews over 4.5 stars. The feedback on this product as a lipstick choice is incredible. Again it is so much cheaper at the link than in the store. It does not have the expensive smell or feel, also the gold on the outside has scratched up a little bit after some time in my bag and in my vanity. I have used mine on several occasions and will continue to. The colors are true to how they look if you decide on another color.

Pink Flamingo 

5. Loreal Long lasting

5 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, girl trying out lip colors showing a gorgeous flamingo color

Literally, stays on all day. High intensity color. The one thing I did notice is that because it stays on all day after a few hours it kind of beings to crack and you will need to reapply the lipstick part. For around $10 I think it is a great option and this flamboyant flamingo color is so pretty!


6. NYX Lipstick 

6 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, neutral color lip option, girl showing lipstick color options

This clearly is a very neutral color called HONEY MIEL. 

I like to have this as an option for casual, down days where I just want a little something simple on my lips. Typically I will put some sort of gloss on top of this but I wanted you to see the exact color for what it is. While I don’t wear this color much, I do like having it as an option for the days I just want simple and not much, but a little something. For that reason I have an inexpensive brand but it is ok. It’s not one of my top choices because the coverage isn’t the best. You have to apply and reapply. But the color is pretty once you get it.

7. Wet n’ Wild 

7 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, mix two color lipsticks to get a gorgeous color

This brand is inexpensive and delivers for its price. You do have to kind of play around with the colors but I am so impressed with the price for the results.

Color: Cherry Bomb & Think Pink

The most asked about lip color I have worn! These two combinations are so pretty together.

Don’t forget your highlighter in the center!

8. Wet ‘n Wild

8 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, spring pink called think pink on blonde girl

Such a beautiful bright pink. I love that this can be worn alone or you can also use this as a highlighter / brightener for the center of your lips with other colors.

Color: Think Pink!

9. Wet n’ Wild

9 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, smooth mauve color

Smooth Mauves saves the day. Finally an everyday color that HAS some color!

Plan to keep it with you because application needs to be every 3 hours. But feels so smooth going on and the color is gorgeous!

10. NYX Lip Lingerie

10 of 10 best spring lipsticks 2019

10 best spring lipsticks 2019, matte lipstick

The reviews on this are overall good. It is a liquid matte so it is not that extravagant. I have worn this in several occasions but I will say for photos it is not that great for me. It is not strong enough, but with a liner for the day time or a simple look it is a great choice.

Color: Lace Detail 

Not pictured above but a color y’all are really loving recently is this gorgeous Forward Magenta that I recently purchased and I am loving.

Other make up / Accessories:

Lip Balm, Treatments, Plumpers:

Full Make Up Review on previous post here featuring all Amazon products.

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