Best, most affordable and relaxing spot to Travel in Central America…. And do to missions because of the great need.

November 10, 2016

What an AMAZING, GORGEOUS JEWEL of a city. Located on the Pacific Ocean, its population is approximately 16,000. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. 

It has the pure, innocent feeling of a safe place, but the reality is it is a city in the rebuilding phase. For many eyars the economy was based on fishing and shipping.

I mostly see Europeans and Americans here but the city is easy to get around and SUCH great food.

I flew into Managua, stayed at Airport X place for a night (since I took the cheap flight in and arrived at 2AM)

Then took a BUDGET rent a car to San Juan Del Sur.

Using google maps it is quite easy to navigate and inexpensive with the rent a car (approx $10 a day).

This is the second time I have stayed here: Casa Andalucia

INCREDIBLE place for such a great price!

My favorite part of San Juan Del Sur is JESUS over looking the city at the Northern end of the bay.

There is plenty to do between eating, amazing beaches, resting, pooling, and possibly driving to other local beaches.

Use Trip Advisor to locate the best restaurants! 
IV Iglesia Nazareno en el Ojochal, San Juan del Sur below is a church we partnered with. I loved teaching the children English and singing songs with them (video below). Along with some other amazing non-profits:

  • Comunidad Connect
  • Nicaragua’s Children Foundation 
  • Bona Fide (agriculture project) 


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