Perfect gifts for her

December 7, 2016

TIME for her is always a good gift. This can be a gift card for the spa, a facial, back massage, and/or pedicure. Even a purchase at the yoga or Pilates studio. There are also some cool new exercises called BAR – you can google Bar Studios near me and get her a gift certificate to attend. 

Here are some great items for the stocking, too. 

The cutest Sunglasses – perfect for the stocking (5 stars! I agree)

BP Sunglasses

I love this cute pen! $13

Polka Dot ballpoint pen

THIS stuff is absolutely incredible. 5 stars

Click here: Instant Eye Lift

BB cream!!! Don’t forget a foundation brush. I had been using this for so long without a brush and the brush really makes a big difference. 

Click Here: BB Cream

I am in Love this kit for eye brows. I went in for a eye brow wand to brush my eye brows and this is what I left with. I love that it has the pencil, the fibers and the crayon to lighten and lift. Perfec Kit for the eyebrows! 

Click here: Eye Brow Kit

Cheeks and Lips in One! Incredible product to hydrate and moisture. For a natural and soft look I recommend the light pink. 

Click here: Beauty Booster for Cheeks and Lips

Perfect Serum for fine lines in AM and PM. Makes such a difference with my foundation (BB cream)

Fine Line Serum

Lancôme Purfume – on sale!!! Amazing for any age. 

Click Here- Lancôme Purfume La Vie

Essie 2016 Fall Colors!!! 

Click Here: Essie 4 pack polish

Men, really make her smile by buying her a book to read together. She will love this and YOU for thinking to water the relationship. 

Try Love and Respect – you can buy it HERE

Another great and thoughtful idea is to purchase from a Non-Profit on Behalf of the recipient, like God is Grace. You can visit the catalog and purchase school for a child in Africa or even mosquito nets – a card will be made so you can address it to the appropriate recipient. I did this for my family one year and they absolutely loved it! 

Click Here to Change a LIFE in Africa

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