Comparison – the greatest joy stealer ever. Social media is not always the reality of people’s lives

December 1, 2016

He made us individually unique with our own set of strengths and weaknesses. May we unapoletigcally accept everything we and others are. 

We don’t have to compare ourselves to others. We don’t have to complain that others aren’t doing enough for us. Or that things are just never right. We don’t have to allow our past failures to dictate who we are. 

We have a choice. 

Everything we do we have a choice. 

Work or don’t work

Stay faithful by protecting my eyes and heart or don’t 

Be positive or be negative

Manage my triggers or react with my triggers 

Forgive or don’t forgive 

We have a choice. 

He gave us Free Will for a reason. 

It’s up to us to choose. 

Cultivate an environment around you of kindness, positivity, acceptance – not of those in passing or at work, but with those in your home. Those closest to you. 

We have a choice. 

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