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November 3, 2021

There are so many wonderful resources I want to share with you from AdventHealth for Women! If you are an expecting or new Mom looking for exceptional care during your labor and delivery, post-partum, or even breastfeeding journey, I am confident you will find so much value in this post. A big congratulations to AdventHealth for Women, who continue to earn National Recognition for their Women’s and NICU care year after year! This is what sold Luis on this hospital years ago before we were even pregnant.

If you’re new around here, so glad we have connected! This is my second delivery, back to back. I had my son in 2020 and then we decided to go ahead and have the second one (another baby boy!!) and I knew right away I would choose AdventHealth for Women again for my Delivery. There are a couple main reasons I chose AdventHealth for Women and Children but the benefits are endless.

Why I chose AdventHealth for Women as my hospital?

First, I am really not a big fan of hospitals. I don’t like needles, in general I don’t like being in the hospital. But AdventHealth for Women is not like a hospital. For me, it is like a resort. It is gorgeous! And it does not have the hospital smell. AdventHealth for Women has 8 convenient locations in Central Florida. I have found the process from arrival to departure is seamless and organized.

Second, I love that they offer virtual tours to help prepare you for the big day. I completed the tour both last year and this year, because I wanted to continue to educate and prepare myself. Virtual tours are a great resource to help prepare moms, while keeping everyone safe. They are done in real time with a birth educator so questions can be answered right away. You can schedule your tour now at BabyPlaceTour.com

But there’s more!

Some other benefits being involved in the AdventHealth for Women include Childbirth classes, Breastfeeding support, and Baby care basics. The Baby Place Academy has continued to be a place of education long before my baby even arrives. There is also a Facebook Community that is a life saving resource, connecting with other Moms who are in your same season, or who have been there before and able to offer support and expertise.

I also personally love the support that they offer Breastfeeding Moms. I had the worst experience with mastitis last year, early on in breastfeeding, luckily it did not stop me from breastfeeding, but it did create major health problems. Having access to a nurse by phone who could walk me through many of issues, like what is this red pump, there is a blister, there is a red spot, was so helpful for me. Their lactation consultants are internationally board-certified and are available to provide personalized virtual and safe, in-person consults as needed. Consults are complimentary and can address concerns such as positioning, latch issues and milk production. To schedule a personal virtual or in-person Breastfeeding Consultation, please call 407-303-7650 to speak with one of our experts.

If you are a mom and are not in the Central Florida area, check with your local hospital on what is available.

Learn more at AdventHealthforWomen.com and see more about my AdventHealth for Women and Children experience here. I also believe you will LOVE the Birth Experience Team, find more about them here.

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