What to wear on a Resort Vacation

May 27, 2019

Happy Vacation friends!!

Tis the season! And I’ve totally got you covered in all main areas for What to wear on a Resort Vacation.

And a few tips to help you not over pack, but still bring the essentials.

Sorry I could not finish uploading all the pics, I am boarding a plane right now. But wanted to get the categories and links out to you asap.


treasures and trails


Whatever you do bring at least one white dress. White is so beautiful and perfect for any beach vacation!

Visit my blog post here on white dresses. The white maxi with the ruffle top is stunning and fits beautiful.


Morning / Day Time

For a Casual and Cute look and something you can feel comfortable in go for a Maxi dress and Rompers. Here are some of my favorites and feel just as good as they look.

white maxi dress for resort vacation

romper for resort vacation girl on a mountain top

girl smiling in a stripe romper




Evening Dressy


It is SO fun to dress up, especially on vacation. So bring one or two fancy dresses for those special nights.




Swimwear, cover ups, kimonos, sunglasses, a beach bag

Some resorts have a beach bag, you can call to find out or just bring your own. There is nothing better than having a spare bag to throw stuff in when you leave the room. Plus on the way home you can use it for dirty clothes, if its washable.

The white fringe kimono is a must for a beach resort vacation.


swimsuit for a resort vacation kimono beach cover up for a resort vacation

one piece black swimsuit for resort vacation






Bring two pairs of shoes (a versatile heel and a versatile sandal), and wear one sneaker or wedge depending on what your vacation has in store. Shoes take up a lot of space so bringing less and allowing those to work several ways saves room.

The white wedges are perfect and will go with everything! Highly recommend these.



Accessories – bring some earrings, wear an anklet, layered necklaces and definitely cute hair wraps



Bring a baseball cap for CERTAIN and if there’s room another fun hat with a versatile color. I love my straw hat and I have also seen the fedora hat look super cute with beach outfits (plus you can wear it in the fall!)


Beach Make Up

My best recommendation is to go LIGHT. You’ll be in sunglasses most of the time, and it can take up so much room. The Organic Foundation Powder Brush is amazing and soo convenient for summer. Literally throw in your bag and apply as necessary. Also the IT foundation has SPF 50 and has such great coverage. It’s perfect for light make up days.

I also included my self tanner because it feels so good to go on vacation with some color, especially if you plan to be in a swimsuit, a tan makes everything look better.


Cute pajamas and slippers

Bring some cute PJs! Especially if you’re going with your man!



Bugspray, Sunscreen, light make up, tanning lotion




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