Vermont Travel Guide

October 30, 2018

An adorable tiny little town with real southern charm. Things are closed by 6pm and everything has maple syrup on it (they are heavy on the maple trees).

A highlight for me was that we had Some of the best pizza I ever tasted at Pie-cosso! Y’all know pizza is my favvvvv and I hadn’t had it in a few days so when we found this place I was 😍😍😍

The first and best apple cider I tried! It comes hot or cold and the donuts are to die for…. and I’m not a 🍩 fan by any means.

The chocolate was absolutely delicious! They get the cocoa from Mozambique 🇲🇿 and we ate the entire bar in one night 🙌🏻

We visited the Cabot cheese factory and sampled all kinds of cheese. I was so surprised to learn that up North their sharp cheddar is white. I grew up on sharp cheddar but there is some process when the cheese goes down south they had some kind of natural coloring. Yummmm a grilled cheese with that extra sharp cheddar cheese is 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


It wasn’t even six yet and it was almost pitch dark in this pic! What to do in the fall. It seems like it’s really a ski town. Snow had just started falling as we were leaving but the slopes were LARGE. The mountains surrounding us were intimidating and exciting.

Take pics at The Gold Bridge – so adorable and the history is what makes it neat.

Hike up to the falls.

Visit the Stow Recreation center and dress for the occasion! We were SO cold because temperatures were dropping but this would have been an amazing sight to see hiking this.

Get some hot cocoa.

These pjs are the besttttt

Be present with one another. Being on the social media industry I have to constantly be aware of being present with the people I am with. Because I have an entire world at my fingertips that I typically can’t wait to share with!

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