10 styles with Victoria Emerson

June 10, 2019

10 styles with Victoria Emerson ….

& How to Wear them

I am SO excited to be writing today about the greatest invention since sliced bread! The boho cuffs and wraps bracelets from VICTORIA EMERSON  have literally made my LIFE so good. Especially traveling. You can take one or two cuffs, or one cuff and one wrap, and they don’t get tangled, they don’t take up a ton of room, they are very easy to put on, they are just LIFE. The best accessory ever.


VICTORIA EMERSON also offers a variety of other accessories, like the most gorgeous watches and those trending zodiac necklaces you’re seeing everywhere! Some other trending pieces :



My favorite combination wrist look is the BOHO cuff with ONE double wrap. Y’all know I typically air on the side of “more dramatic” and that combo definitely offers that.

Larry opted for the Leopard double wrap which is also one of my favorites and soo classy.

So coming in as our 1 of the Top 10 Summer Accessories ….


1. Boho Cuff and Double Wrap  Combination

Summer Accessory

girl holding her dog both have bracelets on


Victoria Emerson Boho Bracelet. White Gold Engraved Logo Magnetic Clasp.  Genuine White gold plating clasp Crystal Beads with Chain Wrap Turquoise Beads Coins Crystal chain on Wool Agate beads Alloy beads Wrap Seed beads Length: 7.3″


$49 and worth every penny 

Double Leather Wrap Bracelet with Silver or Gold Accent. Comes with a Victoria Emerson Pouch & Engraved Victoria Emerson Nickel-Free Clasp. 100% handmade with care. Unbelievable attention to detail.   Details: Made with genuine leather Adjustable length with enclosures from 5.5” to 8.75″.







girl showing her wrist with boho cuff and double wrap bracelet






2. Double Wrap 

Summer Accessory


girl showing her double wrap bracelets


I love pairing two double wrap bracelets together for an extra fun look. These two here are the leopard double wrap and the champagne double wrap which go gorgeous together. These can also be put on by wrapping with one hand and literally putting them on like a belt. Both have the gorgeous VICTORIA EMERSON dangle charm.


Double Leather Wrap Bracelet with Silver or Gold Accent. Comes with a Victoria Emerson Pouch & Engraved Victoria Emerson Nickel-Free Clasp. 100% handmade with care. Unbelievable attention to detail.   Details: Made with genuine leather Adjustable length with enclosures from 5.5” to 8.75″.


Price $24.99


double wrap bracelets




3. Silver Dorado on Ivory

Summer Accessory


girl in a white denim jacket showing bracelet


Victoria Emerson 5-Wrap Bracelet. One of my favorites to take to the beach and travel with. It takes up no room at all and it is also very comfortable to wear on your wrist, you hardly know its even there, besides for feeling fabulous! You can put it on with one hand and that convenience makes it always a “go to” accessory. 

Ivory Leather with a mix of clear, white opal, silver dorado, and smoked crystals. 100% hand made with care.Each bracelet has one clasp with closures at 34″, 35″ and 36″.

Coming in at $32 it’s a winner!


wrap pearl bracelet





4. Boho Cuff and Double Wrap Combination

Summer Accessories

swimsuit and boho cuff

This was my first set ever purchased from Victoria Emerson and it is MY FAVORITE by far. I am stunned at the reviews on this Attica boho wrap and at the price $35. There’s about 1600 5 STAR reviews! It is so rare to see that kind of consistent feedback. I paired this boho cuff with my most worn double wrap white wrap. This one also looks gorgeous paired with a watch or another statement piece of jewelry you love. My diamond watch is a piece I always wear and I love you can combine these classy wraps with it!


girl showing boho cuff bracelet



HALF WAY… 10 styles with Victoria Emerson


5. Heart Double Wrap

Summer Accessory


Are you a fan of simplicity? THIS wrap is for you. 100% handmade with care and unbelievable attention to detail. This one is perfect for a day at the pool or one of those get ready quick looks! The little heart charms make this SO adorable and the wrap is so clean and simple. 






6. Multi Wrap on Mauve 

Summer Accessories

girl showing bracelets


I paired the multi wrap with a double wrap in this look for a little extra. For the single wrap look you can scroll to look #7 below. But I love mixing a couple different looks because it just makes the wrist party so fun. This multi wrap comes in at $42 and makes a great self or gift option because the size is very flexible, as it wraps.


7. Howlite and Silver Multi Wrap on White

Summer Accessory

girl styling her bracelet


Victoria Emerson Multi Wrap bracelet with howlite stones in a silver setting on white leather. 100% hand made with care. Each bracelet is adjustable, fitting any wrist from 6.5″” 8.5″” and comes with a Victoria Emerson Pouch. This wrap has the option of silver or gold and has a beautiful dangle charm with the VICTORIA EMERSON logo. This is another very simple wrap to put on and also goes with everything.

Price $42


girl showing her white bracelet




8. Boho Tassel Cuff 

Summer Accessory

boho cuff bracelet

I am including the back of the clasp so you can see how gorgeous and classy it is. It literally snaps minutes 2-3 seconds with a magnetic clasp and I love the little click sound it makes – success!!

The beaded and tassel detail on this gorgeous cuff is literally to die for! It looks like you’ve got a variety of bracelets on but its really all one. I get so many questions when I wear this cuff out and I love that its become like a fun talking point!

Also coming in at $35 its unbelievable, but true!


girls wrist with boho wrap cuff

boho cuff bracelet

9. Double wrap with Pearl and Silver Seed Bead Combo

Summer Accessories


girl styling two wrap bracelets


Since leopard has basically become a neutral I paired this double wrap with the pearl and silver seed bead wrap for a beautiful style. I love that you can wear any basics and ad this little combination and get the cutest outfit!

The double wrap on safari textured is so easy to put on and has the cutest little dangle charm. Seriously these wrap bracelets just make things so easy.

picture of a girls wrist with two wrap bracelets

10. Pearl and Silver Seed Beads

Summer Accessory

girl laughing and wearing a bracelet


Victoria Emerson 5-Wrap Bracelet. Faux Pearls with Mixed Silver Metallics and Gray Japanese Seed Beads on Natural Leather.  MIYUKI glass beads are considered a “world standard” for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape.100% hand made with care. 

This wrap is so quick and easy to put on and I love that it actually looks like multiple pieces but its just one. It is priced at $32 and the neutral look can be paired with everything!

pearl and seed wrap bracelet


That’s a wrap for 10 styles with Victoria Emerson and how to wear them!

Have a blast and up that arm party game with any of these cuties!




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