The two most asked about bags

May 28, 2019

The two most asked about bags.

As I have been working on getting y’all links for Luxury Bags I discovered there were two bags y’all continued to express more and more interest with,

The GG Marmont and the LV Neverfull


Both are gorgeous nags and retail for around $1200.

eBay has some options currently for the $400-$500 starting price range.


This is a GREAT deal for a luxury bag and the majority of these are BUY IT NOW options.

You can find more details about each bag by clicking on the exact bag below. Once you click, you can see price, where it’s from, more details about the sellers store and other great information. For more questions about how to shop Luxury bags on eBay reference this post.


LV Neverfull



GG Marmont


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