The Details behind NYC and NYFW

September 28, 2019

My third time in the city. And Lord willing, definitely not the last. Here is what I raveled in from Newark to NYC – I met a girl in the airport restroom and she recommended I take the bus. My husband didn’t like the idea but I had already done it. It was $18 compared to a $80 cab.

New York Fashion Week has been around since 1943. International brands come together and share styles, trends, product launches, and open it to the press and the general public. Many shows are available to the public by purchase or guest list. 

It is also a great opportunity to meet other bloggers who love their business and networking with Brands. For me NYFW was a lot of planning and using google to research shows, locations, times. Shows from Michael Kors, Nicole Miller, and so many international brands. There is a website that has the exact calendar and locations on it – NYFW

Oh did I not mention content yet? The phtos from NYC are just second too none. Every single back drop is breathtaking because that’s just what that city is.  Breathtaking.

During my trip I ate at some of the best restaurants, had the most delicious mojito and had some PR meetings that I have only dreamt about. 

I was debating where to stay, I actually had a hotel booked in Soho but ended up staying at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square.

I got to meet up with some really great friends also BUT lets talk restaurants.

The Capital Grille in Times Square was delicious, the best food I have ever had. I had the 16 oz bone in fillet AH the brussel sprouts AND the NY cheesecake. I just can’t. Don’t worry, there is more walking then you could ever imagine. 

Also the Bar 54 at the top of the Hyatt was literally out of a movie. A lot of y’all were messaging me about, Spiderman movie, and the beauty of it.

I happened to be there on 9/11 so I got to see the 9/11 memorial – so special. You can see the light shining up where the towers were.

Also, Pete’s in Manhattan literally had the most delicious Hamburger I have ever eaten. And I don’t even eat hamburgers. I originally ordered a veggie burger but everyone around me basically gasped for air and said what are you doing ordering a veggie burger at Petes? So I opted for the sliders and I am so happy I did. The streak fries were the best fries I have ever had. 

Now, I love the city. There is no doubt about it. But I have to chat about this – the traffic, the commute, the walking. I felt like I couldn’t not make it to anything on time because no matte how early I left there was traffic. Or I would get lost. Looking at maps things looked so close. But once you start walking, maps would not work or update quick enough, or things would actually be under ground ad. You couldn’t find them. Also, there are MULTIPLE of the same places. So I ended up at Lady M in the Rockafellar, but I needed to be in Bryant Park.

Btw, lady M in Bryant park is iconic and absolutely incredible. I had the coffee and a crepe pasty that was the best thing I have ever eaten.

So, just know, if you’re taking a taxi to go a mile and a half it could take up to 40 mins, not joking. That’s why I would walk. But walking I faced many challenges, just because I am not familiarized with the NYC ways. I bring FL habits and its just better to forget anything you know when you come to NYC. Its like a different world AND I AM ALL ABOUT IT. I really enjoyed the walk and getting lost – that’s one way to know you’re evolving hahah and the POEPLE were amazing. 

OUTFITS!!! So many outfit Qs. Btw, thank y’all for helping me pick these out and choose the best ones.  It literally make she the happiest to see you loving the looks and make so outfit planning WORTH IT!

I don’t know that I can pick a favorite outfit really because I have so many. But the white blazer, the Moto jacket, the boots and the t-shirts were probably worn the most. Along with the mustard color dress which is GORGEOUS y’all. 

This blazer is literally the best. It fits so good and I got so many compliments on it. It is flattering and the gold buttons make it similar to a designer brand. I sized down one to an XS bc I like fitted blazers, it was a little tight in the shoulder areas but I also have broad shoulders. 

My otkboots sold out super fast last year so if you’re loving these grab them while you can. I am grabbing a second and maybe third color bc first of all they’re $40 and so beautiful. Many people thought they were designer boots as well. 

Meeting with some of my most loved brands and seeing years of work come to fruition has just been a highlight for me and like gas to a fire. There is so much backend work that happens behind the blog and instagram. So much. And to see the harvest of those efforts just makes everything so worthwhile – 3 on the enneagram (achiever) hahaha.

Wrapping up with sight seeing. SO I had a list long of about 12 places to see, but it just did not happen. The commute to and from meetings, to and from each place, dinners, shows, it just couldn’t happen. 

Stone Street haws some great photos previously, but where the photos Ive seen were, there is now tables and chair and an entire set up outside which may not be the bet for photos. But there are still other gorgeous placves in Stone Street.

The Manhattan Bridge is a must must must. Really incredible. Just tall and strong and tons of people. It is amazing. These photos were taken near the Flatiron building which IS BEAUTIFUL in person


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Down near the Manhattan Bridge by the water you can see the entire Manhattan Skyline and it is incredible yall! This spot actually wasn’t that crowded which was super nice. From there to Times Square. WOW. What an amazing place. Mobs and mobs of people and cars. Just moving. If I could do a time lapse from the sky it would just be unreal. 

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the greatest experiences. Just keep in mind it is a LONG walk! But so super cool!

The City Hall was beautiful and was right near the Brooklyn Bridge.


These are near by and both just beautiful! 

I didn’t get up north to a few of the touristy spots because time was just limited. I was overly confident hahah Next time though!

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