Home Organization

March 29, 2020

Home Organization

Staying at home with an ‘on the go’ personality has been a real challenge for me these last few weeks.  I miss the gym and PEOPLE so much.  But, I will say, the silver lining to all this is that my home is now the cleanest it has ever been! As a result, everything is SO neat and organized. And, I am excited to share with y’all some tips to my Home Organization recently.

I am rounding up some of my favorite pieces that have helped make that happen.

Home Organization – whether it’s time to set up a home office or just spend more time organizing, here are several ideas for products to cultivate and encourage some healthy habits!

  1.  5 drawer acrylic jewelry and make up organizer. This clear cosmetic organizer comes in 3/4/5 drawers depending on your choice. Your cosmetics or accessories become a dazzling personalized beauty counter. The drawers are perfect for storing lipsticks, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, store jewelry, grooming tools, and keepsakes just to name a few.
  2. Belt Organizer.  This easily stores Belts, Jewelry, Watch Case, Cosmetics , bow ties, bracelets, crafts. It is a perfect compact closet organizer. This is MY favorite purchase to store belts, and I have tried so many things. Hooks, hangers, baskets.
  3. 14-inch Hat Stand set of 2. These dome shaped stands help to maintain hat shape and structure. The perfect way to elevate your hats and display your favorite hats.
  4. Brushes organizer – 3 compartments. I have had this for a couple years and it is definitely one of my favorite purchases. With a sleek design and beautiful way to neatly display your favorite goods. I currently use this for my brushes but I have used it to hold lip liners, lip gloss, mascara. Life is complicated, simplify with this holder and your space will look chic and beautiful.
  5. Decorative Metal Closet Wall Mount Jewelry Accessory Organizer. 8 Large and 11 small hooks plus a basket to store earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, etcutilize closet space with this versatile, functional, and stylish organizer- easily mounts to closet, bathroom or bedroom walls for easy accessibility of your jewelry at a glance
  6. Sunglasses Stand. The perfect eye wear organizer. This has a rectangular base makes and stands firm and steady. I love that I am no longer searching for sunglasses, I can store them here without them getting scratched or broken.
  7. Velvet Hangers (pack of 50). Rest assured it will hold the heaviest of clothes and makes your closet look so neat – great for suits, coats, shirts, sweaters or heavy jackets. Pick a color and don’t deviate. I now have a mixture of black and white, but the white are beautiful!
  8. Clear Acrylic Necklace Holder with 12 rotating hooks. This displays 12 or more necklaces in an elegant fashion and puts the spotlight on your most beautiful jewelry.

And these are just a few of my favorite Home Organization tips. I hope you guys continues to remain safe in your homes. It’s the perfect time to get organized!

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