Splurge Vs. Save

April 12, 2019

By popular demand it’s here again!

The last time I did this blog post Splurge vs Save y’all lovvvveed it!! I have several of these items from both categories and the ones I don’t have I included based on the high average customer reviews.


Black denim skirt : I have it, it’s runs true to size and it’s amazing!! Worth the splurge for me because of how much I’ll wear it and actually use it.

I do not have the splurge dress, I have the save dress.

I do not have the Valentino sandals or the GG. I do have the Tory Burch sandals and they are amazing. My go to sandals and I wear all the time. Amazing quality they’ve lasted me for years. I have the patent leather in sand.

I do have the L&F denim and they are amazing.

I do not have the pumps or the hat from splurge.


Affordable skirt is great, size up one.

The dress is also super cute!

I don’t have the sandals or the Gg (yet) but heard great things about them. I also don’t have the Tory Burch dupe I just found it.

The affordable black denim shorts are good for the price. They run true to size.

I just ordered the pumps!

And the hat is everything. Such great quality.


I have the skirt from here. It’s a really great buy and it’s super cute. It’s comparable to the save option but I like the black color better for my aesthetic.

I am shocked how similar the save options were that I found!


I have the skirt it’s super cute but runs a little small. I still got a small my usual size and it fit but there’s not much room.

Sandals m, glasses and wedges are a great buy! Such a deal. I have the jewelry dupes in the cart so can’t give any feedback there yet.



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