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February 2, 2020

Shop Goodsey for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and it’s the perfect time to find your significant other or bestie the perfect gift!  Look no more, Goodsey is here!  A gift for any holiday and the perfect user friendly website to WOW the one you love.  Want new ideas?  Want unique and WOW factor gifts?  I have found several ideas to help you with your Valentines shopping experience. But first, let’s see the recent responses from you girls!

Q1: What do you want for Valentines Day this year?
1. Family time
2. An evening with love as the focus
3. A night alone with my soul mate/husband
4. Respect from my ex husband
5. I hope for better contact between my children and I
6. A trip away
7. Space and a hotel alone
8. Flowers
9. Quality time
10. I have no idea
Q2: What activities are you planning this year?
1. Skiing
2. At home picnic, I am in Jersey so outdoors is not an option
3. Air BnB in Savannah
4. Nothing he hates surprises!
5. Cooking a beautiful dinner
6. Going to our local coffee shop
7. Pizza
8. Dinner together
9. A good meal
10. I don’t know need help!
Q3: Are you planning on gifting something for your significant other this year?
1. No, we are buying something for the house
2. We buy something for our camping trips – this year its a propane grill
3. A watch
4. A wallet
5. No not doing gifts this year
6. We get our kids and pup something every year!!
7. We used to when we dated but now that were married we don’t bother
8. I love the travel case you shared!
9. No gifts
10. We usually exchange but will do dinner instead this year

Eric also had some great answers from his male audience. Someone is buying something for themselves this year – GO YOU!

QUESTION 1: What are you hoping to get this Valentine’s Day?
1. Love & respect
2. A warm hug
3. Nothing
4. Candy, can & more candy
5. A nice sweet card from my sweetie
6. Flowers
7. Chocolate
8. Anything with thought behind it
9. Luxury chocolate
QUESTION 2: What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?
1. A ring for my girlfriend
2. Shrimp dinner & dessert
3. Dinner on the floor in front of the fireplace
4. Romantic dinner at home
5. Yummy food
6. A weekend away
7. No plans
QUESTION 3: Are you buying your significant other something for V-Day?
1. Buying something for myself
2. A getaway
3. A beautiful card
4. Gift card to a brewery
5. Candy & a card
6. Just a sweet card

For those shopping for gifts, these amazing gift ideas will WOW your significant other and will be gifts that build beautiful Valentine memories:

  1.  The Gift Box – Be Mine – this colorful cute LOVE box comes with a ‘oh so yummy’ smelling coconut/cherry scent, a goats milk bar soap, and thirty 3 inch matches in a creative bottle, WITH the striker on the bottom of the bottle!
  2. The Luxury Citrus Spa Trunk my personal favorite – the perfect suitcase chocked full of spa essentials, includes lemon grass body oil, bath bombs and salts, grapefruit shea butter cream, deodorant, face towel, and loofah sponges among a few items- the trunk in and of itself is sooo super cute and can be used to fill up again.
  3. The Valentine Gift Box – this adorable box comes with an 8 oz jar candle, fresh greenery, handmade rose and lavender salt cubes, handmade rose bath bomb, and topped  off with candy conversational hearts – the perfect R&R day- closest gift to being at the spa- your significant other will definitely THANK you with this one.
  4.  The Deluxe Valentine’s Assortment of Rice Krispie Treats – this bountiful assortment is FILLLLLED with amazing rice krispy treats from strawberry shortcake to dark chocolate Krispie Crackle.  Sure to please and so much to share!  A definite treat and a must have at any occasion!
  5. And no gift is complete without the card – check out the printable cards on Goodsey and make your gift complete.

After the ‘oohs and ahhhs’ of gift giving, Valentine’s continues with several fun activities – for those into fitness and needing to work off those rice krispy treats – head on over to the gym for a YOGA class.  By the way, Goodsey also offers a great storage kit for your mat, easily mounted to the wall, comes engraved “Mind, Soul & Body” and even room for a candle or plant.  Several other activities might include a beautiful world map to plan your next trip, a reclining stadium seat for your next sporting event, or a garden tote with tools, after all Spring is right around the corner.

Whatever gift or activities you select, let’s spread the love!

Hugs & Kisses xoxo

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