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August 1, 2017

Routines and Self care – finally checking off a New Years resolution!

Excuse my brows – I am growing them out 😄

This is what your face will look like after the Micro Anti Aging Facial – which is incredible

Pardon me while I go book my next appointment…….

Ya’ll I cannot believe what I experienced today at NL Aesthetics. In today’s post I am going to get vulnerable, sharing some of my issues and weaknesses when it comes to my skin and health issues. In hopes it may encourage and help someone who may be feeling or experiencing something similar. But also some great techniques I use to continue to reverse the aging process and naturally work against the natural expression lines and aging process.

There are so many things on the market today. Every time I open social media I am hearing of a new technique new service or new product to better my skin. What is a girl to do?!? I have read and read and tried and paid. But hey, at the end, experience is the best teacher! 

I have been to so many aestheticians and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to help my skin. I suffered from a stomach problem (from what I believe was consuming too much Whey Protein) and it wreaked havoc upon my skin. I went to multiple doctors, primary, dermatologists, aestheticians, and I could not get a hold on the issue. So, I forced to alter my diet – cutting out dairy and gluten, because anytime I would get either of these in my system, the cysts and bumps would rise upon my neck and jaw line. As I was able to maintain some sort of healing from the absence of these, I began to research my symptoms and add in different vitamins – taking a multi, probiotic, zinc, L Glutamine, digestive enzyme, licorice root, and lastly apple cidar vinegar (ACV) three times a day. All of this I bought at the Vitamin Shoppe. I was fighting going to the doctor because I after my experience prior, I did not want to keep wasting money on them practicing what they thought was wrong with me. I told my now husband, if this did not work I would go find out what was the problem. The issue was serious. I could not enjoy a quality of life, my family had to alter holiday and birthday meals, and it was just awful. I started it in December and prayed to God to heal me. I began to notice some significant changes in the first two – three weeks. When January came I felt the Lord asking me to fast and cleanse my system. So I did a three week juice fast, praying for Him to heal me and help me, with an underlying fear of going to the doctor and them putting me on medicine, running tests, spending more money on our not so well regulated Health Care System.

As time went on I saw more and more improvements (while continuing my facials, my skin care regimen ((which I will share more about later)), and treatments with my aesthetician).

Eight months later, I am now to a place where I can incorporate certain dairy items and if necessary gluten, and I am only on the Probiotic and still taking the ACV once a day! And my skin is in the best condition ever. So healthy skin I believe starts on the inside, but I believe there is a natural process to aging that requires us as women to tend to. So, now to maintain and improve the problem areas that I have – fine lines, pigmentation, and the desire to have naturally plumpy, firm, smooth, bright, line-less skin 😁

I loved the sun in my 20’s. I remember lathering myself in baby oil because I wanted to be efficient with my tanning and get as tan as I could! Oh my, why didn’t I listen to my mother about sunscreen 🙃🙃

I have learned at home care if just as important as my monthly services. But the monthly services are just as important as the monthly treatments! And how to find someone who can offer the services that I need, with honesty, care, and produce results without charging me a car or house payment.

I was going to get a micro-needle session, I have had several peels, and have just been looking for lasting results. Therefore, I am beyond blessed to share with you this new Treasure I found from NL Aesthetics. She has beautiful green eyes, dark black shiny hair, and the most beautiful skin you could ever imagine. Her name is Nichole.

Affordable, honest, quality, experience, relaxing BUT effective, results but affordable, passion, gentleness, are just a few words to describe what I experienced with this beauty at NL Aesthetics today.

Today I received a Anti-Aging Micro facial for just $115. This included so many services AND ….. a massage. It started with an amazing steam and an anti-aging glycolic cleanse. Hot towels, very cold towels, the most amazing feeling eye pads. Then she did the mirco-dermabrasion treatment (to exfoliate and remove the dirt and dead skin to help produce collagen and elasticin for the plumpy look). Then she did a high frequency treatment (to help with acne, scaring, dull skin, and stimulate oxygen and blood flow) and an LED light therapy treatment (to help with texture, lines and address the deepest damage). Ya’ll while she was doing my treatments she incorporated the most amazing massage, starting at my back, neck, my shoulders, moved to my arms, hands, all the way down to my finger tips. She finished with a face massage, rubbing my cheeks and temples, allowing me to relax in a way I never have before.

The music was light and relaxing, I literally remembering feeling like I was in a hut over in the Fiji islands. She allowed me to relax but engaged me in the process of what she was doing so I was never questioning where my time was going. You can feel her passion in ever circular motion she makes and most importantly to me, she is affordable WITH results. She was on time, I did not wait literally one minute. I walked in the door and she was waiting on me with a big beautiful smile. She is dependable and she is TRUSTWORTHY! She offers all kinds of services, Make Up, Lash and Brow tinting, Mink Lashes, Waxes, Sugar treatments, and of course a wide range of skin care treatments. She also offers free consultations if you just want to talk about your issues and set up a game plan.

And let me be honest with you, as time is passing (I am just three hours post treatment) I can feel even better results. Like tightness, firmness, PLUMPY-ness (I know that’s probably not a word, Mom haha). I say all that to say, ladies, we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, for our current and future selves, for our husbands and for the example to our children. There are affordable and creative ways to do this. If you feel it is time to work on some of your problem areas, or simply start on preventative care ( I wish I would have done this years ago), go see Nichole at NL Aesthetics in Tampa, FL. 

No need to thank me. Thank God. He led me right to her!

Nichole, thank you for pursing your passion and for blessing all of those you come in contact with. Cannot wait to see the results from the products. And see you for my Anti-Aging Mirco Facial next month!

PS – I have now switched over to a new skin care line she carries, that is so much more affordable than what I was previously using….. Cannot share on results yet, but more to come on this!

  • Nichole Lancaster – Medical Aesthetician
  • 813-601-7302
  • nicholelancasteraesthetics@gmail.com
  • IG: @nlaesthetics
  • Book online: www.nicholelancaster.com

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