March 22, 2020

To put it lightly, this week has been a roller-coaster ride for our nation.  First and foremost, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.  If you’re anything like me, I am sure you’ve experienced a ton of continuous changing emotions and will continue to do so.  I have learned a few life changing things these past few week and that is- I will never take for granted a hug, a kiss, the crowds at a football game, social interaction, the feeling of busyness, or sitting in traffic.  If nothing else, this has been a truly humbling experience, but we must know, ‘this too shall pass.’

However, today I want to take a few seconds to give a HUGE shout out to all of our front line personnel -doctors, nurses, those working diligently to save lives in hospitals and make-shift tents or on ships, those workers keeping residents safe in nursing homes/senior living facilities, Police, Firemen, Grocery store workers, Truckers bringing in food and our delivery and stocking guys for Amazon, UPS, USPS to name a few.  Their long exhausting hours are not going unnoticed and I am sending loads of appreciation to them.  They are desperately trying to create a little bit of normalcy to our lives.

I ran in to my UPS driver today, I love that guy! He’s been on our route for years and he told me today he’s the busiest he’s ever been. People are ordering trampolines, bicycles, grills, and he’s never seen more people out and about. He reassured me, this would just be for a temporary amount of time and we will be stronger than ever once this is over – SO TRUE.

Luis has been diligent about us having a 30 day supply of items, including a little play toy for the house. Per your request I rounded up these essentials that I have grabbed over the past few weeks and that you may find helpful when making your next purchase. What I love about Amazon Prime is that you can search and order piece by piece, if necessary. I would also suggest NOT WAITING. Many things are out of stock now, but will be back in stock in a couple weeks. So if you know you’re going to need something like dishwasher pods or laundry detergent, order it and reserve yours!


        Household Items:

  1. Hand Soap
  2. Toilet Paper or Paper Towels (I have purchased baby wipes while the toilet paper is out because I still cannot get my hands on any)
  3. Laundry Detergent
  4. Dish Detergent/Dishwasher Pods
  5. Bathroom Body Wash
  6. Disinfectants – Lysol or Wipes/Sanitizer/Rubbing Alcohol
  7. Thermometer

A few things I grabbed in the Food section:

  1. Non-perishable foods -Foods that won’t go bad – Can good such as soups or Peanut Butter are always good to store in pantry
  2. Meats you can easily grill or cook
  3. Canned meats such as tuna fish or deviled ham
  4. Deli Lunch Meat /cheeses
  5. Produce, frozen fruits,  such as grapes, oranges, kiwi, berries, oranges, (strawberries are readily available in most stores now)
  6. Peanut Butter – lots of peanut butter, great for shakes, PB&J, cookies
  7. Bread/Cereal
  8. Nuts
  9. Crackers
  10. Pet foodMiscellaneous Quarantine ESSENTIALS
  11. Fill or refill necessary prescriptions
  12. Make sure you have Books/Magazines (to compensate for boredom)
  13. Subscriptions to streaming services

But most of all, exercise.  It’s the perfect time with great Spring weather for yoga, a swim, a bike ride or just a good ole fashioned walk around the block.  Meet some new neighbors and help one another, and of course my favorite, let’s do some online shopping! Remember if you have the option, thing about shopping small right now.

Then, we bought the Bowflex for at home work outs, it took about four hours to put together but it has been really great to use.


And if you’re dreaming of vacation, be sure to check out this post here

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