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January 31, 2017

I have absolutely loved partnering with this amazing designer out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Beyond blessed to have this opportunity.

Our big world is filled with so much beauty, so many blessings, so many incredible people, we must only 1. ask and 2. look.

No matter what people tell you, words, ideas, and dreams are what change the world.

My word for 2017 was dream. So I am dreaming. Along with these dreams I am facing challenges, difficulties, road block and they require faith, prayer, and hard work!

In this dream I have had the opportunity to partner with a designer out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Piia May.

PiiaMay, by Piia, is a brand that started in 1993 where she was designing primarily children’s clothes and ballet costumes. As her brand developed and evolved, there were requests for dresses, more fancy dresses, wedding dresses and fancy gowns. This segment of her business was named after her son Marc Lecomte. Her primary customers for this sector are from the Danish Court, many actresses, such as Babett Knudsen, the badmitton player Camilla Martin, many film instructors, but the neat thing is that she has clients all over the world! Even the United States.

PiiaMay evolved into a new sector in 2004 where she began creating more daily wear clothes, such as this AMAZING, light weight, cute, easy, fun, blouse. Her clients and others were asking her to create something they could use for casual wear as well. PiiaMay is only making small collections, but new styles throughout the year.

Questions, comments, additional styles, you can contact Piia directly:  piiamay@me.com


Piia thank you for the opportunity to work with you, understand your beautiful culture, and your interesting country. You have enlightened me and helped my perspective to open and grow.



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