Parent education with AdventHealth for Women

June 12, 2020

Parent Education with AdventHealth

My friends! We have arrived at MONTH NINE! How is this is even real life?!


As a first time Mom, if I am being completely honest,

there are moments of excitement and moments of fear. Excitement because I am going to have a BABY!!! And fear because of the great unknown. Ya know, it reminds me a little of the marriage covenant. Ive shared with y’all our marriage story and how nervous I was to get married. But three years later, that has FOR SURE been my greatest blessing to date! So, deep down I know this new baby is going to be the most incredible experience and continue to change me for the better.

When Luis and I decided back in January 2019 we would be choosing AdventHealth for Women at Orlando as our labor and delivery hospital, we did not know HOW fortunate we would be. From the Women’s Health Navigator, to my Birth Experience Team, and now the Parent Education classes, we truly feel like we are fully prepared for this next season! I am a huge believer that PLANNING leads to SUCCESS, plus being prepare helps with my anxiety and need for control. Coming in to this Mom thing with no experience, I did not know how I desparately needed to hear from viable resources about just what was ahead in the near future.

If there was ONE THING I could recommend

to first time Mom’s and Dad’s or really any Mom and Dad, it would be educate yourself with the right sources!! That is one thing I knew Luis and I needed to do, enroll in the Parent Education classes. We were actually scheduled to take the classes at the AdventHealth facility, but considering recent events with the COVID-19 virus, AdventHealth for Women felt it was best for their patients, to cancel all in-person classes. So we actually had the opportunity to take them virtually at home in our PJs and robes – nice trade off I would say hahah. AdventHealth for Women has several virtual options available to provide convenient parent education to prepare you for your new arrival.

One of my favorite things about AdventHealth is that all of their resources, like the team I worked with mentioned above, are experienced and educated. I have direct access to the most incredible nurses who have not only been there in their personal life but are there every single day in their professional life.

Parent Education with AdventHealth

The first class I took online

Gift of Motherhood, was with Jill and she was AMAZING. A certified childbirth educator, registered nurse with three kids herself and such a genuine, caring person. After the first class I actually could not wait for the next night to learn more! I started to feel empowered and confident, not only in the journey of motherhood, but in the labor and delivery piece. I LOVE that she offered pieces of advice to support partners. She said exactly what I would want Luis to know as we enter labor and delivery. Jill somehow said it so much more tactful and eloquent than I think I could when the contractions start hahaha

This class, Gift of Motherhood was filled with all the information I really needed to know about. It also helped me finalize my Birth Wishes (which you guys asked me to include), understand my options for pain management, and several other important factors that will help me feel best prepared for labor and delivery day. One thing I was most shocked about was how many options are actually available to help make labor and delivery the most comfortable and safe for our family –  most of which I had no idea about. You can find my Birth Wishes below. I will be providing this to hospital at arrival and already provided to our Dr.

If you are a first time mom I would 100% say this class is an absolute must. The journey ahead looks so beautiful and the more we know about it the better we can navigate it! Now I can envision the details, how I will play a role as a Mom, and while yes it will be new and challenging, I now have little nuggets I can pull on that I learned during my class.

Birth Wishes

  1. Lactation Consultant available immediately after delivery for breastfeeding
  2. If possible – No tearing, No C section, No Pitocin before delivery 
  3. I would like to try to go natural as long as possible if pain reliever is necessary, a small amount of epidural. I am sensitive to medicine and do not take a lot of medication and do not want to be over medicated. 
  4. Kindly request for the doctor and nurses to explain things – like what are you doing, what are you giving me, what does this do? I like to know what is going on.
  5. Saline lock if possible vs IV
  6. Wireless monitoring, to allow for movement around
  7. Heating pad
  8. Ball
  9. Mirror for labor
  10. Delayed cord clamping – YES
    Father, Luis, to cut the umbilical cord 
  11. Music speakers and bluetooth available. Music is a therapy for me and I would like to have access to this when necessary.
  12. Ball for the shower 
  13. Anything else I can use to help me stay active, moving around and out of the bed


The most recent class

I took which was also so helpful was Breastfeeding! I’ve heard so many times about how challenging it can be, to get the latch right, to get the milk flowing, to hold the baby correctly, and even taking this online I feel 100% better about that baby coming out and getting ready to feed. I did request the lactation consultant to be available upon Luisito’s (-ito is Spanish for Tiny so we call him Luisitio) delivery because there is a two hour time frame after delivery that is very important to feed during.

One of the most eye opening things I learned is that we have DECISIONS to make and should not 100% depend on Doctor, Hospital and Nurses to make them for us. Shots, medication, positions, pain management, the list goes on, are actually something WE CAN decide on. Back when my Mom gave birth it was not like that. I feel so grateful that Luis and I have the ability to decide what is best for me and my family.

I talked about this in my Post with my Birth Experience Team, but I was so grateful for how AdventHealth did not pressure or push me one direction or another with ANYTHING. They provided me with the resources and education I need, listened and heard allllllll of my questions, and then allowed me to make a decision, or even stay undecided, until I feel more comfortable.

You guys know the epidural was one area that was HEAVY on my heart. When I sat down with Heather Collins, from my Birth Experience team, I am so grateful that she simply provided me some helpful resources, busted some popular myths, and really let me decide from there. Everything has been easy and I have not been pressured in to anything.

AdventHealth for Women offers a variety of parenting classes …

including a comprehensive child birth class, newborn care, baby meets fido, breastfeeding and more. New class dates and times are added on a regular basis. If you are pregnant, the Birth Experience Team highly recommends taking a parent education class. The classes can provide not only education but resources to help new parents feel prepared for the journey ahead.

Parents to be can register for classes at BabyPlaceAcademy.com.

So what is next for us!

In the next couple days we are going on BABY WATCH! Which typically happens around week 37. My plan is to enroll in the new mom support group called Baby Brunch, an online forum for new moms to share insights and speak with a parent educator and lactation consultant.

I would LOVE to get Luisitio enrolled in Little Music Makers, a virtual class that provides music therapy in a convenient setting.

AdventHealth for Women classes are geared towards women delivering in Central Florida, but our Birth Experience Team is happy to answer any questions other women may have about accessing education. For non-local moms, check out Lamaze International. They are a great, reliable resource or check with your local hospital for available resources.

Thank you guys so much for joining in this beautiful miraculous journey! And a HUGE thank you to AdventHealth for your support over the last year. You have made this first time mom feel ready, able and CONFIDENT! EEEkkkkk…

It’s time for a baby!

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