Palm Springs Festival

May 3, 2019

The moment I walked off the plane I could tell something was different.

I could sense a lightness, an openness in the air. 

As I proceeded through the intimate tiny little airport in palm springs, it was an instant connection.

A rare and beautiful thing.

I was in awe at the scenery and enjoyed how the sun rays bounced off my skin.

 Palm Springs, palm trees, travel


“Honey come with me inside im going to the bathroom.”

No babe I am okay right here, curbside waiting on our car.


I didn’t want to be inside, I didn’t want to miss a second of what was happening. I just couldn’t get enough.

Palm Springs, palm trees, travel


And that was just the beginning. Literally, 5 minutes on ground.


For those of you who are just coming in, I was invited by Revolve to attend their Festival as VIP in Palm Springs, California.

The festival is an amazing opportunity for networking, meeting new Brands and of course the most gorgeous content on the gram! I just can’t with the ?

I had no idea the greatness of love I would feel with this place.

I didn’t even know an actual place could have such an impact on someone. But after a weekend there, all I know is it happened to me.


Palm Springs, palm trees, travel

Writing this my eyes fill with tears because its almost like I just want to be back there.

Like it became home. But how?

 Overwhelming fear set in as we left and I was faced with the realities:

 It’s too far.

It’s too expensive.

It’s too much of a change.

How would Larry do?

How would I ever start over again?

 Palm Springs, palm trees, travel

But I still found that I quickly questioned my husband. “When are we coming back?”


When I explained my experience recently to someone, they looked at my husband and said, this woman is moving to California. But that is kind of out of the question right now. I mean we just moved.

 I need to understand the education system as we discuss preparing for children.

I need to experience different seasons.

I need to go when I am not there for a specific event.

I need to go for longer.

I need to go soon.

Palm Springs, palm trees, travel, festival looks, festival, revolve

I was there strictly for work. And lots of its. We started early around 5AM and continued late into the morning around 2AM one night. Photos for brand campaigns, networking, editing, styling, preparing content – which was super difficult because of the time change. Trying to get yall content at peak times was just so hard, so engagement was affected, but I tried not to let it ruin my experience and just do the best I could with what I was faced with.

Not to mention, my package was late shipping so I had no luggage to go there with. We had to reship it to my hotel where I quickly (15 min) ironed, styled, matched, and prepared selections for photos. Oh, and PREP me. It was crazy as I reflect back.

But this is the business sometimes. Messy and BUSY.

My experience with the outside world was indescribable.

The tall skinny Palm Trees everywhere almost reaching the blue skies.

The endless mountain ranges that surround you from all sides.

The perfect, and I mean perfectly uniformed streets lined with bougainvillea pink flowers.

The miles and miles of white sand lining the desert ground.

 Palm Springs, palm trees, travel, festival looks, festival, revolve

(Pictured above: The famous pink door)

No street lights, only little lights within the ground. And all the cables planted underground.

Nothing dropping or handing down. No tall buildings, nothing blocking your view.

Just a blank canvas all around for you to paint your dreams and wishes on.


There were two restaurants we went to, Birba which was an excellent little authentic Italian restaurant. Outside seating great food. And The Sandwich Shop which had the BEST little sandwich on an Dutch Clutch roll. Prices here seemed somewhat reasonable. The sandwich was about $8 and I got pizza (go figure hahah) at the Italian restaurant and it was $18, totally could have been shareable even though I ate it all.

 Palm Springs, palm trees, travel, festival looks, festival, revolve

Palm Springs, palm trees, travel, festival looks, festival, revolve, windmill farm

Y’all also asked to share the links from my Festival looks like I’m including all the links here.

So the real question.

What’s next?

I don’t have the answer right now. And I’ve never been more comfortable about the uncertainty. Yes I loved it. Will we go back? Lord willing. And that’s where I’m going to rest.

All I know is God will continue to lead and guide us.

One of our followers who lives in Palm Springs said this as we were discussing my experience.

You don’t need any fancy words.

It’s the desert. It’s magical.

Palm Springs, palm trees, travel, festival looks, festival, revolve

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