My Hospital MUST HAVE’s Birth Bag

July 18, 2020

I’m breaking it down for real for you guys!  Game on!  It’s my what you should bring and what you shouldn’t bring in your hospital birthing bag.  My Hospital MUST HAVE’s Birth Bag in a nutshell because my ‘to do’ packing list was way too cumbersome and needed to be shortened.  Being a first time mom, I brought so much unnecessary stuff in my bag and forgot my own pillow and blanket (which was a definite MUST HAVE for me!) LOL

My Personal Hospital Bag

Baby Boldly sent me the perfect pre-packed fully stocked hospital bag with so many needed items.  This bag came already pre-packed so you can grab and go and the hospital has so much stuff just for the baby too. By the way ask to take some home with you- they are fully stocked!  The Baby Boldly bags actually comes in 3 sizes – the Minimalist, Happy Medium, and Fully Prepared.    Definitely bring your own towel, robe, sleep pillow, and cozy Sherpa fleece blanket.  I brought some light essential make up because it just feels good to look presentable, if possible.  You may not do it fully but a little foundation and blush (something easy and light) are simple.

Other Personal Items

Your own water bottle with a spout is another essential item and some cute shower shoes/slippers.  I chose the Laura Ashley Terry Scuff Slipper because the grip was so good on the bottom and they just were so darlin’.  I do not like the feel of a hospital shower on my feet and these seem to fit the bill perfectly.  LOL   And yall, don’t forget the portable phone charger to keep your cell nearby or the late night snacks when the hospital cafe is closed!  Oreo cookies topped my list and I also brought goodie bags to the nurses and doctors, which they LOVED.  Just a little last minute extra ‘surprise’ to pack.  They loved it and it was just a nice gesture.  Last but not least, some comfy solid linen beach shorts to wear home.

Baby Personal Hospital Bag

I took a separate bag packed with baby items.  His favorite now is the Pro Goleen Soft Minky Dot Blanket, great quality and comes in several different colors. I packed two different baby outfits- one in newborn size and one size 0-3 months, depending on his size and a 3 pack of SwaddleMe to create a cozy, womb like feeling for him. These are an absolute must for keeping the baby to sleep for longer hours!

These were probably the most helpful items for both myself and the baby.  Don’t get to overloaded with ‘stuff’ because the hospital is very accommodating at providing those needed items. Don’t forget to ask for things to take home. Most helpful for me was a squeeze bottle, gauze, dermaplast, which hazel pads, postpartum undies and  pads!

For more details on each of these items, come see me on my shop page.  Don’t forget if you like beauty products, head on over to this post. 

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