My go to Accessories

January 26, 2020

My go to Accessories


Accessories are the most important part to fashion. And you will find that these go to pieces complete your outfit and show off your personality and style.  Accessories can be all kinds of things:  earrings, necklaces, purses, shoes, bracelets, headbands and rings to name a few.  Some of my latest and top fashionable accessories are:

Faux Pearl Earrings –

  • I get so many compliments on these earrings and everyone asks me about them so I knew I would list these as number one. It’s the earring I wear everyday and everywhere. And is very affordable! So trendy and fashionable; light on your ears; you can wear with your hair up or down and still make a statement; elegant yet comfy; can be worn with jeans or sequins; my ‘go to’ earring. The 18mm are the large ones and the 14mm are the more medium ones. I love the large ones because you can always see them, especially in photos. But finding a good back for the large one is important so they stay in your ear.


 Sequin Jewelry Necklaces

This will hands down be your favorite item to wear!
Contemporary and chic with a romantic edge; accentuates your face and gives off all the positive vibes; boost your visibility; revives a bland outfit and a game changer in the world of accessories with its’ glam and sparkle- these communicate who you are more than any other accessory. I love my latest find from there, its the Talisman necklace and you can design it yourself. You are able to choose from several different charms and I chose the wing to remind me to be brave and not allow anxiety and worry weigh me down. I chose Mom because that’s the best name I have ever been called. They have different sizes and options its absolutely perfect. Theres also a dream charm because there is nothing more important that DREAMING big.

Victoria Emerson Bracelets –

  • WOW factor all the way around; sleek; so fashionista, attention grabbing; matches any and everything- I have worn bathing suits and cover ups to dancing the night away with these gorgeous wrap bracelets, which come in all shapes and sizes

Headbands –

  • Cute, makes your hair a focal of attention and keeps those locks out of your eyes; shows off the rest of your make up and earrings; express yourself that day no matter what you are wearing; added feature to be trendy and cool

And last but not least my Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Bracelets/Rings –

  • Bold, clean and clear quality, the ‘look and feel’ of ‘REAL’ with an affordable price tag; versatile design and beautiful appearance;  is the most respected diamond simulant in the world; can be worn with any outfit; such a ‘fun’ piece of jewelry; these bracelets and rings speak volumes- I’m here, let’s get this party started.  Highly recommended

So, it’s safe to say, accessories are the important details that really complete your outfit.  It’s the ‘fun’ part of getting dressed and can take a basic t shirt dress and actually make it cute.  So, let’s go shopping and show off that glamorous style and personality!

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