Most Useful Baby Products

August 1, 2020

Three weeks ago my life was MUCH different without a baby  however, through many trials and errors I have found BABY CARE 101 – Most Useful Baby Products.  I am sharing these products with you from my own personal experience and my hope is that you find these items as helpful as I have.  These items will make your life so much easier when you get home with the baby and this will be a great resource for you for your soon to be mama friends – be sure to share with them!

Baby Care 101 -Most Useful Baby Products

The Boppy Original NewBorn Lounger is the best thing to have for your newborn.   We leave in the living room while we eat or do computer work and we know he is there, safely near us.  We use the lounger daily.  This is his personal space. The lounger is dedicated to the living room and we do not have to worry about moving it around.  Hands down this is the best purchase I made. In addition, the Boppy Original Nursing Pillow can wrap around your waist and it frees you up from having to continually hold the baby. I was an athlete all my life and even for me, it’s great to have a little rest from the weight of baby.  It has multiple uses as he grows.

The DockATot Deluxe has been used to help get baby to sleep.  According to the ADA, these should NOT be used however for the baby to sleep.  I have talked to my doctor about this and you just don’t want to roll over the baby.  We were not comfortable leaving baby in crib and as a new parent we just could not leave him.  We keep it in the bed because that is what has worked for us.  It is used as a lounger and it is similar to the Boppy.  I recommend you use however it works best for your family.  It’s amazing and the cover pulls off and you can wash it.  Y’all, things that are easy to maintain are so important and worth every penny.  We also adjusted how we sleep and we can quickly get him if necessary.  Best gift a new mom could receive!

Barefoot Dreams Baby Products

These Barefoot Dreams items are incredible!  I cannot say enough great things about the Barefoot Dreams Chic Infant Beanie , the Infant Sock Set and the Barefoot Dreams Wild Baby Blanket  .   Comes in baby size that I got for a gift and went back and got my hubby the larger size!  Great price and so cuddly!

I ordered so many baby items that just didn’t work out, but y’all these Carters Baby 3 pack Snug Footed Cotton Pajamas  or this variety of Carters 3 pack cotton footed Sleepers  are the BEST and they ZIP!  Do not order the button or the snaps!  Gender neutral at a great price for 3 of them.

Baby Bath time

I had to go back and buy the Angelcare Baby Bath Support  after the baby came.  Simply fill the bathtub with warm water and it goes through the holes  It’s functional, easy, it’s clean and has handles!  I am so happy with this purchase. The Aveeno Bath & Lotion Set was on my registry.  Wipe baby down and afterward use the lavender lotion after on his feet and legs.  The baby grows so fast and sometimes they peel so this lotion is good to use after a bath and it smells so good.

Sometimes you just want the baby close to you.  The Sling Baby Carrier for Newborns, Infants & Toddlers is good to just set him sit up in so I can do other household chores.  So helpful to have a space close by while he is content.  The wrap is easy to put on and can be adjusted by pulling through the hole.

Other Baby Products

We did a lot of research and selected the Doona Infant Car Seat to stroller.  Number one is safety- there is a line that tells you if the car seat is positioned correctly and it does take practice.  It’s lightweight, functional and easy.  It’s a stroller and car seat in one!  For me, it is so efficient and we love it!

There is a lot of things that happen with a baby and the 4  MuslinLarge Burp Cloths are so good to have around and we use every day.  They work well and are so soft.  You can use when baby throws up or to wipe baby down.  They look brand new right out of the wash.  I love love love these.

I just ordered my third round of WaterWipes.  These are amazing and are 99.9% water.  Very clean for baby and are just the best.  I tried many different wipes but highly recommend these.  I ordered the largest pack they have!

Hospital provide you with a few but the Pamper Diapers, Newborn, 198 count you must have on hand all the time!

The Huggalugs Baby Cable Knit Pom Pom Hospital Hat is so cute for photos.  We ordered the white, beige, blue and light blue and love them.

I will be using the 3 pack Naturally Prefold Cloth Diapers  for photos for the baby soon.  A good option for those that do not want to use throw away diapers.

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is used 24 x 7.  It hooks up to your phone so once in bed you can turn on and off.  I love turning the red light on for the baby.  He seems to rest so peacefully.  There are 12-15 noises.  We love the birds for Larry.  We also use the waves and the rain sound the most.

Baby Toys

I have the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym which I just want to have so he has something to play with as he begins to move around a little more.  Review on this are amazing and reasonably priced.  The Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Cradle N Swing, I have not yet purchased but am talking about getting.  The Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer jiggles baby up and down gently and is a more affordable option.  We put him in after he eats and we rotate him around in various places.

I just went back and purchased the Jolly Jumper Driver’s Baby Mirror.  The car seat faces to the back and you want to be able to see him at all times.  So under $7, it works perfectly for watching baby.

Additional Baby Products

The Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush  is amazing.  It comes with a suction that sticks up so it’s clean.  It is under $5 and so easy and convenient to clean bottles.  One great purchase!

Baby Bum Brush also known as the butt spatula. LOL. It goes hand in hand with the Destin Baby Diaper Rash Cream.  Once you start to see a little redness on the baby’s butt, you put it on one time and it really helps.

ALOT of questions about what is on the baby’s little leg/foot. I did go ahead and purchase the Baby Monitor .  It tracks his heart rate and monitors his oxygen.  It monitors through the sock and alerts you if there are any issues with the baby, such as a drop in oxygen. Best of all, it gives new parents a peace of mind!

The Baby Wet Wipes Warmer, Dispenser, Holder & Case  has been a game changer for me.  It makes baby a lot more comfortable.

Wrap Up

Last by not least is The Drop Women’s Scoop Neck Fitted Mini Tank Dress – my most favorite dress!  Runs true to size and is super soft and stretchy for day and night.  I also found this 14k Gold Filled Heart Initial Letter Necklace – so cute and reasonably priced.  Looks way more expensive than the actual price.

I hope you guys found these products useful.  A huge recommendation to the new moms out there is get on a routine and get the baby on a schedule.  Overall, it’s a process and sometimes its a little messy. However, we are embracing the season together.  Anytime there is something new, its an adjustment and you need to be flexible.  I wish you all the very best! xoxox

For more details on each of these items, come see me on my shop page.  Don’t forget to head on over to this post to see my Hospital Must Have’s Birth Bag.


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