Labor & Delivery with AdventHealth for Women

July 23, 2020


Labor & Delivery with AdventHealth for Women was exciting,  challenging and ever-changing but was the best place to be when delivering a baby!   Everyone from the doctors, to nurses to the concierge staff were all so supportive from the very beginning even prior to conceiving.  We feel most comfortable when we are prepared and Advent Health for Women was definitely our top hospital choice! They were even awarded again for the Best WOmen’s Care in Orlando!  It just ‘felt right’ from our very first tour.

It’s Motherhood y’all-huge virtual hugs to all the Moms out there! You’re amazing not just for being a mom but going through the labor & delivery process. What a commitment and a lifetime of joy to follow!

Nursing Staff

The Nursing Staff at AdventHealth was truly one is a million-an awesome award winning team and I cannot say enough good things about them!  They played a critical role in not only my emotional well being but also just the continuum of care.   They truly were the foundation of my delivery experience-mind, body & spirit and were true experts in compassion and care of their patients! I was truly blessed to be in their care! Being in a hospital for 5 days, I really grew to love each and everyone of them! We had a gorgeous room and the nurses went beyond our expectations in accommodating us.

Nurses Gift Bags

So many questions on the Gift Bags I bought for the nurses!  The baskets were such a HUGE surprise for the entire staff and am so happy to share these little surprises with you!  The bags were just a gesture of thanks to show how I appreciate their services because yall it’s a HARD job they perform! In addition to the gift bags, I also took the Thank you cards and was even able to write some in between my labor pains!  I also added snacks, i.e., Quest Protein bars, Oreo & Chips-Ahoy cookies, along with some Victoria Emerson bracelets.  I tried to select things that were easy for them to eat without using their hands and it helps build the relationship.

Concierge Services

For those soon-to-be moms, enhance your AdventHealth for Women experience with personalized amenities.  The concierge service was amazing as we entered our hospital room from labor and delivery. It truly made us feel at ease and so comforted. They offer a variety of adorable packages such as the ‘Birth Day’ that includes a cake, balloons, and welcome banner for your new baby, a baby toast, a sibling package, a mommy and new addition package, a serenity or oasis package and the Grand Indulgence package!  Any of these packages were extra but sooooo worth the experience and memories.  Friends and families can access the services also, especially during these uncertain times. Access the concierge team here.


Many moms are nervous about the hospital but when you throw in a life threatening virus, it becomes pure scary for women.  The nurses were continuously sanitizing everything around, temps were taken, and it was SOOO clean! AdventHealth has risen to this challenge and has really increased their safety measures throughout the delivery area.  It’s is definitely still the safest option for giving birth. We even forgot we were in the middle of a pandemic because everything felt like business as usual!

My Personal Experience

At 40 weeks, we measured the baby and the doctor wanted to recheck the fluid which was borderline low.  Five or less is low aminotic fluid and his was right at 5.  There are many reasons and risks to the baby, particularity with the umbilical cord, after all it’s the baby’s lifeline.  We could wait another week, but still may have to have induction and baby could be bigger making for a harder and possibly more complicated delivery or we could go ahead and begin the process, which we did.  So looking back I’m glad I followed the doctor directions.  Y all, it was really not at all what I had planned NOR what I expected. Did you see my Birth Wishes in the post here with AdventHealth? We went completely OPPOSITE of all of those!

The Actual Delivery

Labor & Delivery in just 3 words – Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!  The top 3 things on my wish list – no epidural, no Pitocin and no tear.  However, things do not always go as I wish. (LOL) The pain became unbearable the minute the doctor dripped the Pitocin.  There is a usually a pain progression but when the Pitocin starts, the pain is right away, 2 doses, 4 doses and I continued to dilate.  Finally after about 8 hours of pushing, Baby R (Luis Price) arrived!  I recommend a mirror just so you can witness the miracle of life.  Yall, just one thing that I was NOT aware of, it’s messy when it happens.

Postpartum Advice

Postpartum has been interesting.  Most women tear and I had a 2nd degree tear, but did deliver a 7lb 8oz bundle of joy!  I had my first doctor appointment recently and I’m healing perfectly, but the amount of blood loss during the delivery is just crazy.   Make sure to bring your flipflops for your first shower along with your fuzzy slippers, both feels more “homey”.  The Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle and the Frida Mom 2-in-1 Perineal ice pads were both ‘must have’s’ for me! The pads were filled with ice and the coldness of the pads helps relieve swelling and pain.  The Frida Mom Perineal Witch Hazel Cooling pad liners were also so healing and comfortable.  Use these over the ice pads.   Use your Peri Bottle when you use the restroom, dab with toilet tissue (don’t wipe),  then take the ice pad and place in the postpartum panties then place the witch hazel pad over the ice pad.

More Postpartum Advice

Always ask the hospital for extras to take home.  Best advice I received- after your shower, it’s best to use just warm water and not soap in the lower area and let that area air dry at least 20 minutes a few times a day!  It’s good to just get fresh air to that area. On top of the Witch Hazel, spray the Dermoplast. It’s the best and used for cuts, scraps and burns.  Very cooling and healing to the lower area.  Throw in several comfortable bras to alleviate clogged ducts.   Your body may not just bounce back, there may be a healing process to it. That’s the reality and I’ve loved sharing our story.

Life After Delivery

The good news is, once the baby is delivered, amnesia sets in immediately and you tend to forget the pain.  The most important thing to remember is expect the unexpected no matter how much you read or research because every woman’s experience differs dramatically.  From the morning sickness, to fatigue and in general growing bigger and watching your body and emotions change were all part of the process.  Being pregnant is a wonderful time in your life.  Embrace it and know you have a lifetime of happiness to look forward too.

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