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June 7, 2019

Just experienced one of the most gorgeous nights of my life.

An easy stroll through town with some of the greatest people on this planet, while Mother Nature did her thing so graciously. I mean the way that sun set tonight was literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The speed, the shape, the colors, it was like something I have never seen.

And then it hit me.


I have not been the best person to be around this trip.

See, back home we have it good. And I’m not saying we live in a mason with drivers and servants but I am saying we have reliable electricity, we have functional internet, we have AC at anytime we want, we can grab water from fridge, things are just convenient, and easy. And there’s amazon prime.

treasures and trails


I need to preface something and apologize to y’all too. If I have at any point made this place seem like it was too much or unworthy I am so sorry. See, because Luis and I do not come to our second as often as we originally anticipated when we come it is a lot of work, maintenance, updates, training employees, fixing the car,  things we typically do on a day to day basis at our primary homes, we have to do all that at once when we get here and do it in a short period of time. On top of THAT do them in a third world country where things don’t operate as comfortably as we are used to in the States. BUT. Tonight reminded me of why we landed here, why we chose NICARAGUA and invested in to this beautiful country we believe so much in.

My comfort in the states is soooo good. And here things are not always as comfortable (but they are wayyyy more prettier, lets talk about the VIEWS!). And I let that change my attitude and my joy. 

There ARE SO many things I love about this place, you heard the list on Live. The people, the food the juices, the views, the beaches, the town, the vibe, it goes on and on.


We would ride around in our dusty Polaris with no AC and see the little rachitos, basically a small house like the size of my doll house as a kid, built out of aluminum, with the little girls sleeping on the floor, we would see so much poverty it just shook me to the core. Then I would get on Instagram to work and people are posting about more shoes, more beauty products, more clothes, and to be honest, I just had to take a step back. There is nothing wrong with that, and I am not for the poverty gospel at all. And I get it, it’s my job, too. And we are SO super blessed to have access and availability of these services and products. But I just had to take a moment to breath and let all this settle in. The two extremes of life.

So tonight I wrapped my hard working husband up. Thanked him for the experience, the challenge and the protection, and told him I much I appreciate him and love him, and this country. I apologized for my poor attitude and my ungrateful demeanor. I committed to him that I will choose to see the good AND speak MORE good, even when the situation is challenging me. 

I hope I don’t allow my minor discomfort to control my happiness and my attitude again. 

Also, if you haven’t yet, BOOK YOUR TICKET TO THIS PLACE. The people are literally the most strongest, street smart, KIND, HELPFUL, LOVING, innovative, creative, BEAUTIFUL people ON THIS PLANET. Oh my goodness. The people of Nicaragua. My family. I love you and know God has His mighty hand covering you and this country.

This place will teach you things you could never learn anywhere else, it will completely change you in the best ways and leave you BETTER than you would have ever been without it.

I love you guys, too. Thank you for being along on this journey and giving so much love and support to imperfect me. I know I am super different than most “fashion bloggers” and the content isn’t always style and stuff,  but this is ME and my life as God has it right now.

Until next time you beautiful place.


Also, thank you to everyone who joined our IG live last night. That was so good and I cannot wait to do it again.

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