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October 15, 2017

So one thing about me, I love cooking! My wonderful Daddy and brother are very southern and amazing cooks, and my mom can cook  anything, awesome. Since I try to keep out gluten and diary for health purposes, I have to make some adjustments. But I’ve been loving the below five meals, and my husband and I eat the breakfast every single day!! ❤️❤️

Here are five amazing recipes I promised and a broken down grocery list for your convenience, giving my husband and I food all week, for less than $100. Also linking this $12 cutting board I love! Cutting board

Grocery list


Yellow pepper

Red pepper


Chicken sausage


Curry pepper


Cauliflower crust

Tomato sauce

Dairy free or your Fav kind of Mozzarella cheese


Fresh Garlic


Basmati Rice

3 Potatoes

Bag of frozen veggies






Coconut milk



Crumbled Goat cheese




Smoked salmon


 How to cook it! 

1. Chicken Sausage and peppers

Thinly slice onion and peppers, add to pan with EVOO – cook about 20 mins over med heat

Cook Quinoa according to directions – add garlic powder, salt, curry powder

Cook sausage in another pan according to directions. To serve, scoop the quinoa, add the peppers and the sausage on top


2. Pizza

Cauliflower crust – Follow directions

Smother the crust with minced garlic. Add toppings and cook another 5-10 mins

Toppings: Garlic marinara sauce. Fresh diced basil. Sprinkle of Garlic salt. 

Diced fresh garlic, diced onions, any other veggies, meats (I use a sliced Chorizo)

Broil for 3-5 mins for extra crispiness


Cutting board
3. Veggie Curry

This makes enough for two people and left overs!

Cook 2 tbsp EVOO and diced onion for 7 minutes

Add the cubed potatoes and 1 cup of coconut milk

Also add the spices and reduce heat to low/med

Cook about 20 mins (until potatoes are tender)

Add the frozen veggies maybe cooked broccoli and/or edemame and 1 cup coconut milk

Stir and let simmer for 10 mins

Serve right away over Basmati rice

*instead of curry powder you can use a curry sauce


4. Avocado toast

Toast two pieces of bread

Halve the avocado

Cut off any and all brown spots and core

Split between the two pieces of bread

Dice onion, top avocado with onion

Sprinkle with goat cheese

Top with lemon, drizzle of EVOO, and cayenne pep

Option: You can also take the avocado, lime and onion in a mixer and make a good guac for toast. Or just put the avocado, lime, and onion on there.


5. Sunny Smoked Salmon

Toast two pieces of bread

Halve the avocado

Cut off any and all brown spots and core

Cook egg in desired way, I change it up, EVOO pan

Thinly slice the Smoked salmon

Top with Onion, Cayenne pepper, lemon juice

Sprinkle with goat cheese

 Enjoy! 😘

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