July 20, 2019


I know there are a lot of sales and different things happening via retailers and the web. But when I find a deal, which is a good price on something of great quality that I will wear on the daily, I just cannot miss out on sharing it.

I was so excited to receive news of the EXPRESS 50% OFF SALE because there are some really amazing pieces that I just cannot find anywhere else. The first thing I grabbed was a pair of olive green leggings for $10 and another sweater for $10. I am going to include my favorite finds below for you. TAKE NOTE: the Moto jacket is AMAZING. I have it in multiple colors and just snagged it now in ivory. I have had it for years and never remember seeing them as low as $30!

girl smiling in a black jacket, denim shorts, hat and round sunglasses

I also found several pairs of their denim as low as $20 and the cutest boots for $20!

express sale, sweaters, girl smiling showing the sale, boots, fall sale

The cutest denim INCLUDING white for as low as $10. White denim shorts are such a staple piece. Here in Florida we wear these year round so having a comfortable pair is really important.

You can count on EXPRESS denim / shorts for comfort. I love that they have a little stretch to them and FIT SO GOOD. Meaning style, washes, distress, back pockets, the denim is just very good.


express sale, white denim, girl in a Moto jacket and white pumps

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