Can’t touch this! 

February 8, 2017

Y’all remember that song?! Haha I must have been in elementary school working my way back to the popular kids on the back of the bus  🚌 😂

May we be filled with so much confidence, encouragement, forgiveness, love, and truth that when our feet hit the floor, the devil recognizes, no way, can’t touch her! 

It’s so true though. Y’all know the past, the wrongs of others done to us, the fear of the future, the fear of what others will say or think, will hold us back. To be different, to accomplish things, to step outside the box we have to do things different. Think different. Act different.  Press past the pain, put handcuffs on those fears, and keep dreaming. That devil will fill us with doubt about God’s love for us, lies about us and others, and give us reminders of the past, but God (I love that…. BUT God! One mention of His name changes everything), but God gives us exactly what we need to press through that. Hold up – God has it all under control! God’s fighting this battle – whether health, financial, relational, emotional – he’s knows and he’s working on behalf of his precious children. 

Discouragement is the Devils biggest scheme. But knowing who we are in Christ changes everything. Because it’s impossible to be discouraged as His children. And may we have the discipline and focus to remind ourselves,as often as needed who we are IN Christ. The benefits of loving God and accepting him as our Savior isn’t just for that glorious ticket to Heaven – it’s for the abundant life here!! To live forgiven, righteous, shameless, loved, victorious, as a conqueror, a dreamer, and most definitely a Princess! 👸🏼 walking confident, secure, able, fearless, encouraged and full of JOY! 

Living different, full of joy, and free doesn’t just happen, it takes intentionality. Let’s be intentional. ❤

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