Bridal Shower 

April 24, 2017

Out of an overflow of joy and excitement I couldn’t sleep for days leading up to the shower my family was throwing Luis and I in Jacksonville. And then after the amazing day, I was wide awake in awe just replaying moments like a video.

First, can I share that things are rarely as what they appear on Socual Media. I was reading an article on a Forbes about “social comparison” and how it is destroying relationships and people. The vacations, the babies, the marriages, this amazing man, that half naked hot skinny woman with no fine lines, and how we should adjust our attitude towards social media. See social media can distort our reality.  We begin to resent and compare our situation and even our relationships with what others are posting as their reality. Comparison is our greatest joy stealer and now spouse stealer! And when we have at our hands a way to share all the good things happening in our life, it’s easy to lose perspective of reality. So when we are scrolling through social media may we be aware that our attitudes need to have an adjustment as we scroll and catch ourselves if we begin comparing.

So, my honey and I have our fair share of issues. And I have plenty of my own. But we also have Love. And with all that said….. yes! My bridal shower was amazing. It was such a blessing to have my entire family there. This again has its own story behind it. It hasn’t always been what appears to be whole, but God makes all things new. And I am enjoying the wholeness that is happening in these relationships.

What a perfect beautiful DREAMY day, with my family and those closest to me. The pure peace of God’s goodness and the outpouring of love from those we encountered today is unexplainable. Memories are just rolling through my mind like a video and I can’t help but see God’s faithfulness stamped everywhere. Things that were once broken are becoming whole. Things that were once distant are becoming close. Things that were once hurt are becoming healed. And if I share anything, I want it to be that everyone has a story! We ALL have junk and problems and issues. And while I post about the newness and the wholeness, it has not come without WORK, prayer, patience and of course God.

Luis and I recognize we are so blessed to be surrounded by so much wisdom, experience and love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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