AdventHealth Birth Experience

February 13, 2020

AdventHealth Birth Experience

Hi friends! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this Birth Experience journey with you. It has truly brought me the greatest joy and comfort being able to connect with you and hear your very own stories of experience and hope.

I’ll start from the very beginning so the dots are connected.

Luis and I moved to a new city in 2018, which in turn meant finding new doctors! Since I was not established with an OBGYN in our new home, but we knew (or hoped) for baby’s on the horizon, we wanted to first start to find the right people for our team.

But I began thinking, before I find a doctor, let me find a hospital. Having a clean and comfortable place for labor and delivery was something that was very important for Luis and I. So Luis began searching. His top priority was having baby and I at the best hospital, with the best doctors. He found a few in the area, but stopped on AdventHealth for Women and showed me once he started reading about their history and awards.

I called our top three options, the first two wouldn’t even talk to me, much less allow me to tour, because I was only in the planning phase and not pregnant. I was shocked! I almost felt like I was being penalized for trying to get ahead of the game. So I moved on, diligent about being as best prepared as possible.

I was trying to prevent finding a doctor I just loved, but later finding out they don’t deliver at a hospital that I am comfortable with. So, I wanted to find a hospital I loved, and then work from there. And that is what we did.

AdventHealth Birth Experience

AdventHealth for Women welcomed me and my husband with open arms. I initially talked to Heather on the phone, back in early 2019. They heard my situation and immediately welcomed us in on the tour. During that time they answered all, and I mean all of our questions, met with us one and one afterwards, and then followed up, and connected us with the most valuable resource I could imagine, Women’s Health Navigator, Doreen Forsythe. Doreen has been a registered nurse since 1999 and now she is committed to providing support to women like me who need to navigate the health care journey. Find doctors, get answers to the weird questions, and she knows who, what, where, when and how! I had so many questions during the process of getting pregnant, see the blog post here for more on that process and Doreen as my Women’s Health Navigator.

This is what I love – we were not a number at AdventHealth for Women. We have been a family with their own story and now a baby on the way!

Let’s talk the Birth Experience Team

What it is – The Birth Experience Team is made up of registered nurses and certified childbirth educators who consult with each mom-to-be to ensure a labor and delivery experience that’s as close as possible to Mom’s expectations. From simple amenity choices, like what kind of music you prefer, to options for pain relief during pregnancy, the Birth Experience Team works to match every detail of your special day to your personal preferences.

What they do – The Birth Experience Coordinators set you and your family up for success. They are such a valuable resource to help ease any fears, anxieties, and are readily available for you and your needs.

  • They discuss your Birth Wishes by Personalizing the Birth Experience. When you arrive at the hospital on delivery day, the last thing you want to do is discuss your delivery support team, pain medication plan, and how to manage labor pain. Your Birth Wishes will allow everything to be just right for you and the AdventHealth for Women Birth Experience team is here to ensure that every aspect of baby’s delivery and Mom’s big day is personalized to meet your wishes. I just LOVE this! When I am prepared and know I have a team I can trust around me, I feel a million times better about a situation.
  • During the Birth Experience you also get set up for classes with the Baby Place Academy, the Parent Education Program. These classes are designed to give you and your support person the education you need to feel confident about labor and delivery and the journey to parenthood. There are several classes available here. I am so excited about Dancing for Birth, learning from an anesthesiologist about Epidurals, Breastfeeding, and of course, Baby Meets Fido (Larry).
  • They also go over your Delivery Day Packing List and help Moms know what she really needs to bring on that day. Clothing items, personal care items, items for baby and items for your partner.

The Birth Experience team supports Mom’s and their family by personalizing the birth experience and setting them up for success.

I also found out AdventHealth Eden Spa offers $40 50-minute Prenatal Massages! I need to arrive an hour early on delivery day hahah 🙂

Eden Spa in Altamonte and Eden Spa in Orlando 

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