One reason to add Gray Denim to your wardrobe

July 7, 2019


Soon we’re going to get to the One reason to add Gray Denim to your wardrobe. But first. Are y’all as confused as me as to what day it is?! This extra long weekend feels so good, though. We are home from the river and it was SO much fun. We were with my mom and her fiancé and several of their friends on an island  – it is so special. Then we saw the best firework show I’ve ever seen in my life, set off right in front of us on the dock. It felt like we were little kids in grown up bodies, going from house to house on the golf carts, walking in to grab things we were missing like cranberry juice and orange juice, and just laughing SO hard all night.

Up until 1am with some very fun adults (oh wait, I am the adult!) dancing and learning about a 50s dance called the stroll. We were attempting to extend our trip but had to get back the tree trimming guys.

We had a fashion show and I shot my beautiful friend Connie’s designer bags and shoes … more to come on that!

So, HOME SWEET HOME! And back to the grind. I have One reason to add Gray Denim to your wardrobe today.

I remember the day I tried these jeans on, it was way back in the day when people actually went to the mall to shop. Hahaha I was contemplating if I would ever wear them. Purchasing these gray denim for my wardrobe was such a good move. I have worn these over and over again, in every season, and I get so many compliments on them. Not only do they fit amazing with that straight leg, but they are so comfortable. With a little stretch to sculpt and mold, you’ll always go for them. Plus, they literally go with anything. Pink, white, black, gray, the color list goes on.

One reason to add gray denim to your wardrobe: YOU’LL WEAR IT!

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