October 11, 2018

Activewear and Eating Well

Want the long version and the WHY behind it? Keep reading.

Want the short version. Eat Breakfast.

Look, I understand it is so annoying to hear it. But it will make the difference between looking your best, feeling your best and not.

Per your request, I am giving you some great breakfast options here to keep you full to help prevent too much small snacking throughout the day. Eating in the AM also helps to get that metabolism working WITH you and FOR you!!

See I am not a big breakfast person, I don’t really like scrambled eggs or eggs for that matter. But when I started eating in the morning I noticed I functioned better, was more productive, and also did not have the need to snack as much and reach for those sweets.

If eggs arent your thing either try,

Avocado toast with fresh lime juice

Yogurt parfait with 100% greek yogurt

English muffin with peanut butter

A green or berry smoothie

Finding good activewear is also a great little tip to staying in the gym. If you have something that feels good and makes you feel confident you will be more likely to go.  See my post here for the best activewear Affordable and Gym Proof Activewear

Give it a try for just five days. My clients have seen some of the best results when implementing a healthy breakfast.


girl in the gym working out on a ball with weights

girl in activewear resting from a workout


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