A little on Larry

October 11, 2018

Larry was a total Christmas puppy!! After weeks of searching for an affordable shih tzu, we picked him up Christmas morning. I was crying the entire way home holding him – he was SO TINY!

True story, he was supposed to be a MINI shih tzu – have you seen those? Oh my goodness they STAY tiny even as an adult. But at about six months Larry was growing and growing and at his next check up the doctor told me no way is he a mini. But that’s ok. I would never ever ever change him for anything in the world. God knew just what I needed with this little guy. So instead of staying 4 lbs he is a large 12 lb baby. He is seven years old this year!!

Larry has been a multiple plane rides with me – we went to Cincinnati together, he flew to Nicaragua to see the children for Christmas at the orphanage, and is the best travel companion ever.

When I first saw Larry and his siblings, they were in a tiny box and I was going to get the black and brown one. But when I laid my eyes on little man I was like oh my goodness. He was pawing at me, standing on his hind legs – and he even still does this today!! She told me he was eight weeks but I think he was closer to four or five. He was so tiny!!

He got his name because he looked like a Larry to me and at the time I had a lab named Libby. THe pair together were just adorable.

I would recommend a shih tzu 1000 times over again. They are some what low maintenance and total LOVERS. Larry has an IG @ shihszunamedlarry because I had so many pictures of him and I did not want to delete them.

He’s my joy, my happiness, and the keeper of my heart!

I know why GOD and DOG are spelled the same backwards, because as ridiculous as it sounds, their character qualities are SO much of the same. Endless grace, never remembers my mess ups and failures, always available, best listener, forgives me, makes me smile and feel secure.

My best friend, Larry!



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