A letter to my Husband …..

June 16, 2020

A letter to my Husband …..

Luis, you are God sent. And I know that whole heartedly, without a doubt. This letter to you, my husband, is simply a thank you. And while thank you will never be enough for the pure joy, comfort, security, beauty, growth, you have brought to my life, it is still necessary.

My love,

how, how, how has it been nine months, 37 weeks? It seems like just yesterday we were swimming in clear blue waters in the Bahamas snorkeling, eating room service on the beach. Wow what a trip. Obviously, hahahah I’m the real Bahama Mama! Hahahaha, oh how I love you!

Over this last nine months you have solidified your love for me and our family. You did not have it easy with this strong, independent, wild horse. But you chose me. And kept choosing me. You pursued me. You loved me. Day after day. So fiercely and so real. And I simply want to thank you.

How easy other paths may have been. But you stay the course. MY GOD THANK YOU! YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD MAN!

You’ve kept me going and kept me strong. You have cherished me, adored me, waited on me, and most importantly put up with me 😜 

Thank you for making me feel more beautiful in this season than I have ever felt. You have proven your love to me, which wasn’t necessary. But because you know me so deeply, you understand me. Thank you for accepting me, and while it might not make sense to you, still understanding me.  


A letter to my Husband …..

Nine months later, your beautiful wife, carrying your son, 24 lbs up, the hormones, oh my goodness, the emotions, the cravings, oh and on top of it, the beautiful quarantine hair and nails hahah

Your patience and selflessness through it all is truly admirable. You are my rock and my guidance. Truly one of a kind. And I am so so thankful you are mine.

I remember the week, possibly week 12, we were waiting on test results for our unborn son. It literally felt like I could have lost it. I could barely keep it together. The unknown, the what ifs. But you. Stable. Solid. Reassuring. SO confident. 

You have eaten frozen meals and Pizza… omg the Pizza!

Dealt with a messy house. 

Helped in the kitchen.

Encouraged me when I wasn’t as physically fit and put together as I once felt I was. 

You have done so much, so effortlessly…

Taught me to laugh at myself and take things lightly. 

Thanked me, complimented me, encouraged me.

Forgave me for the emotional outbursts, ooops. 

Listened to my fears and calmed the storms.

Reassured me and you were right. 

Offered grace upon grace upon grace that we even nicknamed you Luis Grace. 

You cared so much for my comfort.

Hurt when I hurt but never once showed it.

You protected. My goodness how WELL you protected.

Provided so much security through your strength.

You loved me. Yes, you love me so well. 

My love,

This world needs more men like you. And THE REAL BLESSING THROUGH IT ALL, we get to raise one!

I write this letter in complete awe knowing one day some lucky girl, Lord willing, will get to experience the truest form of love with Luisito. 

A letter to my Husband …..

With grace upon grace and an unwavering love, you have allowed me to experience first hand God’s love. It is the best thing in this life. You are the best thing in life. And like I always say, may we never take it for granted. May God continue to bless us, protect us, and lead us in the right direction. Following you my love as we follow Him.

I love you with the most passionate, real, and raw love. And when I don’t think it could grow anymore deeper, the roots take hold stronger. I am so excited for this next season with you.

Thank you, my wonderful husband, thank you for all you have been through this pregnancy and all you are every single day of this life!

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