10 fun facts 😍

July 9, 2018

To help get through this Monday (because I know I stayed up way too late last night) here are some Fun facts about me. Leave me one fun fact about you, too in the comments below! πŸ’—

1. I have been to four of the six continents and love visiting orphanages to love on children when we travel! I took my first mission trip about five years ago and just fell in love with doing something for someone that can not repay me. There’s so much fulfillment in that.

2. I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and accountability coach…. and I now do what I love! I teach everything from yoga, to strength training, and my oldest client is 93 πŸ™‚ her advice, “keep moving.”

As an accountability coach I assist my clients to help them meet their personal, professional and relational goals. I help make life easier to balance and manage for them and love hearing about how great they feel.

3. I cook all the time. Three meals a day, typically seven days a week, minus one dinner we do date night. And I love it, most of the time. I can make it just how I like it and love making my family’s tummy’s happy!

4. My hubby and I have a gorgeous hotel we built and manage, tucked in the mountains of Nicaragua, over looking the ocean, where we train and hire only local Nica’s to provide job opportunity and education in finance, education and business.

5. My Mom thought of the name treasures and trails and always wanted me to have a blog that allowed people to follow my travels and other creative ideas.

6. I have a half brother ten years older than me, whom I love like cray cray.

7. I know (some) Spanish.

8. My favorite group class to teach is Yoga because it allows me to slow down and connect with self and God, becoming more aware and healthier – heart, mind and body.

9. I have a Shih Tzu names Larry who will be seven in November and he is so full of love. He helps me become a better person with his sweet and forgiving qualities.

10. My husband is the best thing that has happen to me Life to Date and makes me so brave.

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