Your favorite jackets

January 20, 2019

This moto jacket is amazing quality. It isn’t super thick so it gives you a very sleek look. It has little gold zippers throughout.

The cutest white blazer under $20. This runs a little bit big but if you wear it over your shoulders or wear something under it you can grab your true size. I’m wearing a small.

DIVA 💁🏼‍♀️ status. Loving this jacket with little lines of silver through out.

Cutest white coat ever!! Little pearl embellishments.

Cutest ever double breasted peacoat. True to size I’m wearing a small. I would totally wear this with a small dress under and button up as well. It’s SO versatile.

The most desired cardigan. It has side skits on both sides and the material is gorgeous. It’s a little more expensive than usual but this will be a piece to have for five/ten years for sure.

Leather moto jacket from express. I also have this in black and these were two amazing purchases. I’ve had them years and they go with anything and everything!


White dress and snakeskin Boots

So I’ve literally been listening to music and dancing around the house all day, in between working, cleaning, holding the dog, playing with my husband. It feels so good to just be in the moment (something I’ve been trying to focus more on). We…

January 19, 2019

January Top Posts and Best Sellers

Here are your most loved posts and best selling items for January! I was so surprised how y’all were loving the mirror selfies, which is just awesome since my Christmas gift was to re-do that space! Thank you for all the love this month.…

January 19, 2019